Home Discoverist x CR Running low on essential items? Let Changi Recommends Get It for You!
Home Discoverist x CR Running low on essential items? Let Changi Recommends Get It for You!

Running low on essential items? Let Changi Recommends Get It for You!


Over the last week, the Singapore government has been urging everyone to stay at home and to only go out to buy essential items to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, we’ve seen people making a beeline at supermarkets which heighten the risk for the virus to spread. In these trying times, people in Singapore are trying to adapt to the new ‘normal’ – practise safe distancing. However, on the first day of circuit breaker over 7,000 warnings have been issued to people who fail to practise safe distancing.

And considering the recent surge of cases, the authorities continue to enforce stricter measures to curb virus transmission such as wearing a mask before visiting the supermarkets, pharmacies and taking public transport, otherwise you will be denied entry.

Now, wouldn’t you think twice before heading out to get your daily necessities?

Fortunately, we are living in a time where technology can make our life easier. Instead of taking a trip to the supermarket, technology can bring household essentials and fresh groceries to you. Don’t worry about running low on essential items, simply launch your internet browser at the comfort of your own home and start shopping at Get it!

Enjoy hassle-free grocery shopping! Let Changi Recommends Get It Delivered to You!

Changi Recommends introduces Get It to help you with your household essentials with same-day delivery (8am – 11pm daily) for orders before 12pm. Plus, there is no minimum order. All orders above $120 will be able to enjoy free delivery from Get It by Changi Recommends. Save time and enjoy greater convenience with Get it! 

Steps to Order Changi Recommends Get it

How To Get It?

Step 1: Select your preferred products in your groceries list
Step 2: Complete your contact details & checkout process
Step 3: You will receive an email confirmation upon completing payment
Step 4: Stay home, rest assured, we will deliver the groceries to your doorstep!

STAY HOME! Let Changi Recommends Get It! 


So, stay at home and pick out your household items and groceries, let Changi Recommends get them to you. Shop online and use Promo Code: STAYHOME to enjoy $10 off with a minimum spend of $60. Enjoy free delivery when you spend at least $120.


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