Japan is Now Reopening to Independent Travellers and Abolishing its Daily Arrival Limit

From October 11, Japan is relaxing its Covid-19 measures and welcoming international travellers after two years!

Previously, only people on guided tours are allowed into the country. Earlier this month, Visitors were allowed to go on non-guided tours as measures were further eased. However, all flights, accommodations and visa applications must be made through a travel agency.

The lack of freedom has deterred many from visiting Japan. However, Japan has recently announced that it is allowing visa-free, independent tourism and will abolish its daily arrival cap from October 11.

The Japanese government will also launch a new nationwide travel discount program alongside its reopening, which was delayed after the country’s surge of Covid-19 cases. Under the new program, costs of public transportation, accommodation and dining may be reduced through discounts and coupons. Currently, it is not known where the program will be implemented in the local region.

Source: Japan Times

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