Cư Xá: A Charming Little Cafe in Ho Chi Minh That Looks Straight Out From a Studio Ghibli Film

In Vietnam, Coffee is not just a morning beverage but a way of life. There is pretty much a coffee shop or cart on every street, sometimes even the whole street. Apart from traditional coffee shops, many trendy cafés are surfacing as the coffee culture in Vietnam continues to bloom. The bustling city of Ho Chi Minh offers a plethora of delicious options for coffee fiends but a particular café has been the buzz on social media lately.

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Tucked away on an unassuming street in District 10, Ho Chi Minh is Cư Xá – Trà Bánh Cà Phê. This friendly little cafe’s inviting exterior draws many passersby in, offering a welcome respite from the busy local streets. This local roastery serves freshly roasted coffee, tea and cakes.

Image By @coolbe1918 on Instagram

Besides their aromatic coffee, a huge reason for the cafe’s popularity is their ambience. The woody furniture paired with leafy green florals gives Cư Xá – Trà Bánh Cà Phê a warm friendly vibe. This dreamy café definitely looks like it belongs in Studio Ghibli film.

Though their coffee is slightly pricier than others in the district, many have stated it was fragrant and smooth. Their cakes and pastries pair perfectly with their coffee. If you wish to try something other than coffee, Cư Xá offers other refreshing drinks and even homemade kombucha!

Image By @coolbe1918 on Instagram

Cư Xá – Trà Bánh Cà

Address: M8D Hương Giang f15 q10
Number: 0903654321
Facebook: Cư Xá – Trà Bánh Cà
Instagram: @cuxatrabanhcaphe
Opening Hours: 08:00- 21:00

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