Hong Kong Eases Up on Quarantine Restrictions: What Does This Mean for Travellers?

Hong Kong is easing up on its quarantine restrictions. This means that you will only have to spend three days in a quarantined hotel, as opposed to seven. 

This is great news for those who were planning on travelling to Hong Kong in the near future. Under new rules announced on Monday 8 August, inbound travellers will only need to serve a three-day quarantine at a quarantine hotel, before going home or staying in a non-quarantine hotel for the next four days. These rules apply to all travellers regardless of vaccination status.

During this period, they must continue to undergo medical surveillance. Travellers must continue to take daily antigen rapid tests (ARTs) until Day 7. They can go out and take public transport, but there are limits on the places they are allowed to enter.

The decision to shorten the quarantine period was made after Hong Kong’s health authorities studied the transmission risks of COVID-19 and found that the virus’ incubation period is around seven days.

Hong Kong Chief Executive John Lee said the new measures are a “way of striking a balance between minimising the risks of COVID-19 transmission and keeping Hong Kong a competitive city”.

People in quarantine will be issued a red code on a government-mandated app. This will change to a yellow code once they leave quarantine, signifying they may not enter crowded premises.

The changes come as Hong Kong looks to revive its tourism industry, which has been hard hit by the pandemic.

Source: Reuters/vc

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