The Most Popular (And Instagrammable) Spots In Taiwan

Whatever your IG feed needs – from stunning cityscapes to untouched natural scenery – Taiwan has it. So don’t sweat it if you can’t decide if you love the bustling cities that light up the vast night sky or the scenic views that Mother Nature has to offer. You can have them all!

Here are some of the top spots to fill up your social media feeds with Instagram-worthy photos of that’ll leave your followers green with envy.

1. Jiu Fen 

Sitting atop a mountain, Jiu Fen is a decommissioned gold mining town that has since turned into a maze of busy alleyways and lanes. Originally built by the Japanese, the town retains most of the elements of its past and has become a top tourist destination for those looking to soak in Jiu Fen’s old-world charms.

The alleyways are lined with rows of shops, each selling unique trinkets and merchandise in a myriad of colours. While shopping, don’t forget to purchase some yummy street foods to snack on, but not before snapping an appetising photo for your followers, of course!

2. Alishan

Best known for its Giant Forest and Forest Railway, Alishan is a favourite of both tourists and hiking enthusiasts alike. It is also one of the best places to view the magnificent sunrise amid a sea of clouds, almost guaranteeing impressive snapshots of the stunningly red and yellow sky.

Tip: There are actually two viewing platforms, so instead of only heading to the nearest one that the guide usually suggests, try following the path to the right (of where you alight). There is a trail for a 15-minute hike that would reward you with a better view and smaller crowd, allowing for better photographs.

Entrance fees to Alishan apply: It costs NT$300 for an adult and NT$200 if you have a Taiwanese ID.

3. Taipei 101

Perhaps the most the prominent landmark of the Taiwan cityscape, Taipei 101 is Taiwan’s tallest building that sits in the heart of Taipei.

In fact, the building is so tall that if you get too close, you won’t be able to fit the entire structure into your photo. Hence, we recommend that you start taking pictures while you’re on the way to visit it, and as soon as you can see the landmark.

The indoor observatory deck is located on the 89th floor while the outdoor one is on the 91st floor. Both decks are great for a 360-degree, unobstructed view of the beautiful city, so get ready to take some panoramic photos! However, for safety, strong winds are common accessibility to these viewing spots are subject to the weather conditions.

Visitors will need to buy entry tickets on the fifth floor (NT$600; free for children below 115cm). It is not recommended that you bring any big or bulky backpacks into the observatory.

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