Home Tips & Trends A Romantic Getaway With Your Kids? It’s Possible!
Home Tips & Trends A Romantic Getaway With Your Kids? It’s Possible!

A Romantic Getaway With Your Kids? It’s Possible!


Love is in the air! It’s that wonderful and cheesy time of the year again.

February is often touted as the month of love. But does that sentiment apply to you when you’ve already settled down and had one or two (and maybe more) kids? Well, of course, it does!

Though, navigating the tides of romance with your young ones in tow doesn’t always spell out an amorous affair. This is particularly true when you’re planning on making the romantic trip of your dreams or even your honeymoon a reality. But at the same time, it isn’t necessarily impossible either. That’s why we’re here!

So if you’re determined to make the most out of your precious time with your significant other (whether you’ve brought your kids along or not), these tips will help keep things romantic and lovey-dovey while you’re on holiday. You’re welcome.

Pick A Family-Friendly, Romantic Destination

Obvious, we know. But picking the right destination basically decides how your trip will look and feel.

Choose a romantic destination à la Venice, Paris, or the Maldives, and you’ll definitely be able to get into the “mood” easily — even with the tykes running amok.

Case in point, imagine this scenario. Against the backdrop of a jaw-dropping sunset, the sound of waves crashing against the rocky shore adds that all-important layer of romantic ambience to your trip. At the same time, feel the palpitations of your heart as you gaze into your partner’s eyes. We can already hear all your collective awws.

Sure, the kids may still throw temper tantrums and spoil the mood, but strolling around pristine white sandy beaches or the urbane streets of a beautiful Mediterranean city will help to take the edge off.

Alternatively, you could also consider taking a cruise instead of a plane to your destination. The majority of modern cruise ships are well-equipped with plenty of fun-filled family-friendly activities for your kids to partake in, which means more alone time for you and your partner.

And if you’re concerned about your kids’ well-being, don’t worry! There’s almost always a babysitter, counsellors, and lifeguards around in the children’s play areas and pools to ensure that the little ones are occupied and well-cared for while the parents unwind and indulge in some intimate alone time.

More Space Equals More Intimacy

You’ve spent a small fortune on making your honeymooning dreams come true, but in the ensuing chaos of meticulously planning an expensive trip, you’ve neglected to book a large enough room to accommodate your entire family. Consequently, what awaits you is a cramped affair that will definitely kill any semblance of a romantic getaway you were hoping for.

Instead, we implore you to splurge a little. After all, you’re on holiday to relax and not to feel like you’re trapped in an isolated gulag with a bunch of hyperactive children as your cellmates. But if this wearisome atmosphere doesn’t zap your romantic mood now, then the lack of sleep will.

To that end, booking a suite or hotel room with a separate door is a must unless you’re able to keep functioning on minimal sleep. A family suite — one that preferably has separate adjoining rooms — allows for some private moments after bedtime. Plus, the adjoining hotel rooms are also a Godsend for the older kiddos who will appreciate their own space.

But in the worst-case scenario where you must all share one hotel room, do look for one with a balcony or patio. Trust us, this small oasis outside your hotel room will provide a wonderful little respite for parents to connect while also being close to their kids.

If hotels aren’t your style, renting apartments, Airbnbs or homestays is also an excellent option. You’ll also get to enjoy your own private space with your spouse, and your children will definitely appreciate the freedom to move around in their own room(s).

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Make Some Alone Time For You And Your Spouse

Regardless of whether or not you’ve brought your kids along on your supposedly romantic excursion, some “us” time is always welcomed. But if you do have your kids along for the ride, then arranging daddy mummy alone time may prove to be a tricky endeavour.

Many hotels and resorts have clubs in which you may leave your children in their care, while you go on your much needed romantic date. And any hotel worth their salt will also have programs like arts and craft, short adventure walks, swimming lessons, interactive games, etc. for your kids to spend the entire day on. The important thing here is to prepare and do your research beforehand.

For hotels without special programs to keep your kids busy, you’ll have to rely on hiring sitters or nannies (if budget permits of course). You have two options here: bring along your own sitter (pricey) or hiring an in-room babysitter.

For the former, you can always count on a trusted nanny to provide some flexibility to enjoy alone time with your spouse. And depending on your arrangements, some sitters will even work for free in exchange for an “all-inclusive vacation”. As for the latter, some hotels will have a list of recommended sitters or childcare agencies you may contact to hire a sitter.

But if all else fails, you’ll have to resort to the good old sneaking tactic. Whether you take a moment to snuggle with your spouse after the kids are asleep, or going out on a short stroll along the beach sans kids, or even taking a bubble bath together and enjoying a bottle of fine wine, a little bit of romance here and there during your vacation with your kids is definitely possible!


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