Singapore Porsche Experience Center First in South East Asia

German car automaker Porsche is bringing its popular Experience Center to Singapore. This will mark the first Porsche Experience Center in South East Asia, and the third in Asia, with the other two cities being Tokyo and Shanghai.

In a bid for the Singapore Tourism Board to continue boosting tourist visitor arrivals to the country, this is the latest attraction to be announced opening in Singapore in the future. The Performance Experience Center will be situated next to Changi Exhibition Center. When this experience opens in 2027, it will be Singapore’s first permanent driving-focused facility.

Porsche Experience Center

As Porsche puts it, the Porsche Experience Center is “much more than a vehicle exhibition or a handling track. It is the best way to experience the thrill of Porsche”. At the Porsche Experience Center, visitors will be able to enjoy the driving pleasure, explore the Porsche DNA and feel the sense of community that the brand has to offer. This center is a place where you can experience the Porsche brand in its entirety with your head, heart and hands on the steering wheel.

Enjoy the Driving Pleasure

Photo Taken From Porsche Experience.

Singapore’s Porsche Experience Center will host a two kilometer handling track as its main experience. Visitors will get to pick out from a range of Porsche models to try out their technical capabilities in their natural element on the handling track. Take this opportunity under supervised guidance from a team of skilled instructors to see the true prowess of these machines. This experience is complemented with driving simulators available for a little friendly competition with your friends or family, or for those who perhaps are more fearful and would prefer a virtual experience to get an idea of what its like.

Explore the Porsche DNA

Come and see up close for yourself the multi-faceted dimensions of Porsche’s DNA through history. Be immersed in themed exhibitions to expand your knowledge about racing and the motorcar industry. What better way to take ownership of your brand new Porsche than at a place with its company values and missions right radiating around you.

Feel the Sense of Community

People bring brands to life. Come down and find like-minded individuals to enjoy and celebrate the common passion that you share. Through cafes, friends, and events, there are many ways to feel a sense of belonging and to find your own hobby in the world of Porsche.

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