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The Lost World Of Tambun: Hot Springs, Thrill Rides and A Limestone Cave Bar


The new year (and a new decade) has begun, and thus, remnants of the joyous pre-2020 holiday season have come to an end. But don’t let this fact drown you in the holiday blues, for the dawning of a new year means a full 365 days to plan your next grand adventure!

We know, we know. For most, the beginning of the year means spending more time working to make up for your saving plans and travel funds you’ve used for your last year-end holiday. We’re here to help!

While work is a necessity, there are a ton of short holiday trips you may take to keep your #newyearnewtravelgoals resolution alive. Case in point, a short drive up Malaysia’s scenic countryside may be exactly what you need to cure the post-holiday blues.

Specifically, we’d suggest Ipoh as a short getaway destination as it’s been previously considered one of the best destinations to visit in Asia. Also, Ipoh is home to one of only a few theme parks found in the country — we’re talking about the Lost World of Tambun (LWOT) here.

The Lost World of Tambun — More Than A Theme Park

As Ipoh was a tin-mining town, it comes as no surprise that the theme park was built on a formerly mined out land. Today, LWOT is a hotbed for tourists who want a Malaysian experience.

LWOT first opened its doors in 2004. Since then, it has garnered awards, recognition, and accolades which solidifies its position as one of the best theme parks in the country.

The land LWOT was built on also features a number of natural formations surrounding the theme park. These include limestone hills millions of years old, and a natural geyser that shoots hot water up to 12 m high. But apart from that, the facilities here are a world-class affair with relaxing spas, luxury restaurants and bars, as well as other attractions including wildlife and rides encapsulating the LWOT experience.

For the gourmands, delicious local Ipoh delicacies such as Ipoh Hor Fun, beansprout chicken rice, curry noodles, etc. may be found within LWOT. All in all, making for an excellent family holiday destination.

Why You Should Visit The Lost World Of Tambun

It’s simple. For a no-frills fun time, LWOT is the perfect destination for you and your family. Here are more reasons to visit the highly-popular theme park destination in Malaysia.

Action-Packed Attractions

In total, there are seven amazing parks found within LWOT ranging from a water park to an extreme adventure park to a petting zoo. Though, the highlight for most children and adrenaline junkies would definitely be the thrill rides.

Get ready to be soaked to the bone while taking on the various aquatic rides in the Lost World Water Park. For a more exciting experience, the Cliff Racer may be up your alley. Whereas, milder experiences involves a slow float through Malaysia’s longest inflatable tube ride or simply, a relaxing soak in the Jungle Wave Bay or at the Sandy Bay.

On the other hand, the Lost World Amusement Park is more geared towards visitors who want to remain dry. For families with younger children, a slow and steady ride via the Adventure Express is a great chance to rest your weary feet as you enjoy the views. Otherwise, the classic amusement park staple of a merry-go-round (aptly named the Perak Parade) is a great opportunity to bring a smile upon the young ones. If you’re feeling dauntless, might we suggest a ride on Lupe’s Adventure (a rollercoaster) or even a visit to the Haunted Chambers?

For the adrenaline-chasers, Lost World’s Adventure Park is where you want to be. You’ll find a myriad of extreme to adrenaline-inducing attractions here that will definitely make you giddy with excitement. For instance, you’ll get to go on a kayaking adventure, cave spelunking and exploring, traversing across a zipline, and even the chance to participate in a rope obstacle course. Thrilling!

Additionally, there’s various day/night shows and performances held in LWOT that you may also attend which includes music shows, live tiger feeding, cultural dance shows, and so on.

The Natural Wonders

As mentioned, LWOT is a locale that’s touched by Mother Nature’s grace. The theme park is surrounded by lush tropical rainforests and limestone cliffs that are more than 400 million years old.

And inside this limestone hill, you’ll find Gua Datok — a cavern that has served as a place of worship and a sacred site for many generations. The cave itself is a marvel to behold, comprising a huge space with three massive chambers. We’re sure cave enthusiasts and nature lovers would be ecstatic to go on a cave exploration here.

Other than that, the natural hot springs found here are also a big attraction for tourists. The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat, in particular, is a spa resort just adjacent to the theme park that has received plenty of acclaim.

Here, guests will get to rest and relax in the naturally heated geothermal water that billows up from the base of the surrounding hills. Each day, three million litres of the hot spring water jets out from the underground. And with the Banjaran’s added efforts to ensure guests experience a stylish and relaxing treat, you can be sure that you’ll receive a world-class spa treatment in this uniquely natural yet urbane environment.

Bonus: For a unique dining experience, we’d suggest heading to Jeff’s Cellar — a decadent and luxurious affair hailed as one of the best unique bars in the region. The bar is found inside one of the many limestone caves, which makes for an exotic yet romantic night out.

Sustainable Tourism

Travelling green is the next big thing. There is a rising trend of tourists that prefers to stay at eco-hotels and frequent properties that preserve their surrounding environments, even if it costs more.

At the forefront of sustainable tourism in Ipoh, LWOT is looking to make a positive impact on the environment. You may wonder, how so? LWOT is an eco-friendly, family-friendly theme park and hotel that also happens to be the poster child of Ipoh’s most popular tourist destination.

For example, the area’s development (Sunway City Ipoh) followed a strict environmental policy which centred around protecting and preserving Ipoh’s natural splendour. These would, of course, include the ancient limestone cliffs and the surrounding vegetation of what would be the theme park’s land.

Furthermore, all rides and attractions in the park were also built without involving logging or deforestation. And if there was an absolute need to remove any sort of vegetation, it was relocated to another part of the park instead of being cut down.

To tack on, water wastage is also kept to a minimum in the theme park. Excess water from the aforementioned hot springs is channelled into LWOT’s water park, while water from the natural streams and lakes around the theme park is re-used for irrigation.

This goes to show that Sunway Group (the company behind LWOT) is serious about its sustainability efforts  — which is definitely enough of a reason to visit LWOT in our books.

Interested in visiting the Lost World of Tambun? Get tickets here.

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