Home Lifestyle We Live In Strange Times. Here Are The 10 Best Coronavirus TikToks
Home Lifestyle We Live In Strange Times. Here Are The 10 Best Coronavirus TikToks

We Live In Strange Times. Here Are The 10 Best Coronavirus TikToks


It’s certainly a weird time to be alive.

On one hand, gamers, introverts, and the newly mandated work from home employees will definitely feel more at home (pun unintended) with the rapid changes to the global climate when it comes to measures taken against the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the other, most people who are currently on lockdown/quarantine will otherwise find themselves suddenly burdened by an excess amount of time without enough entertainment outlets at home to keep themselves occupied. Consequently, these are also the ones who will go on to social media to express their grievances, thoughts, and opinions — sometimes in the form of creative short videos and memes.

The uber-popular Chinese video-sharing social networking service, TikTok comes to mind.

Because almost everyone is now blessed with an abundance of time, they’ll have more time than usual to mess around in front of their phones on TikTok, in the hopes of reaching that elusive viral status. But if you aren’t one for creatively putting your social media presence out there, there’s nothing wrong with being the consumer, especially during these sombre times. Everyone needs a laugh here and there.

If you’ve somehow found yourself in isolation and bored out of your mind, here are 10 of the best coronavirus TikToks ranging from the wholesome to the controversial to the educational and even to the downright lame.

P.S. If you’re doing TikToks, don’t forget to wipe down your phones to keep them germ-free!

10 Viral Coronavirus Tiktoks

Nothing Can Stop The Youths Of Today, Not Even A Global Pandemic


@yahomeboiigcCEO of doing tiktok dances in front of my doctors 😌 ##foryou ##dance ##coronavirus♬ Don’t Start Now – Dua Lipa

Getting tested for COVID-19? First, lemme TikTok dance. Sure, it won’t help in any way to cure the virus or change the outcome of the results, but it’s better than being all doom and gloom, all day long.


@d.wayne132020 is amazing ##corona ##2020 ##fyp ##viral ##lifeathome ##runnin ##coronavirus ##covid19 ##classof2020 ##viral ##memes♬ Graduation March – Holiday Celebration Troupe

With many schools and higher education campuses postponing the semester or switching to remote classes, @d.wayne13, like many of us, is imagining a world wherein every student will have to graduate through a computer screen — which we wouldn’t be surprised of if it actually came true in 2020, to be completely honest.

@daddy420god##fyp ##fypchallenge ##corona ##coronatime ##coronavirus♬ original sound – 𝕛𝕦𝕦𝕝

Not even getting tested positive for the coronavirus can get @daddy420god down, who just had to make a very dad joke after receiving the news. How many of us would lament our ill-fated condition instead of staying humorous? Talk about staying bright and upbeat.

The Surprisingly Many Educational Gems Found On TikTok


@gloriagaynorIt only takes :20 seconds to “SURVIVE!”👏💕🎶 ##iWillSurviveChallenge ##fyp ##coronavirus ##handwashing

♬ I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor

Make no mistake about it, we will survive this. And we will survive by frequently washing and scrubbing our hands for a full 20 seconds each time. Who better to extoll this virtue than music icon Gloria Gaynor?

@mikiraiofficialFacts about ##coronavirus

♬ original sound – tylan.berryman

Apart from COVID-19 spreading through the world, a lot of misinformation is also similarly going around like wildfire. But we’re in luck, for @mikiraiofficial is working her hardest by clearing up rumours with facts — all while doing a TikTok dance at the same time.

Only on TikTok, eh?

The Unsurprisingly Many Uneducational Dregs Found On TikTok

@cameronghoangIMPORTANT PSA‼️ PLEASE WATCH TILL THE END‼️ ##foryou ##fyp ##coronavirus ##asian ##viral

♬ Its Corona time – playboierik21

What a knob (in the best way possible). This is kinda hilarious, but please, don’t do this.

The Hilarious And Obligatory COVID-19 Memes

@jackneelI’m so lucky guys! ##corona ##toiletpaper ##coronavirus ##coronatime ##coronachallenge ##clawmachine ##coronaviruschallenge

♬ Its Corona time – playboierik21

Does no one have a bidet installed in their homes?

Panic buying has caused an uptick in toilet paper sales and it is now a precious commodity. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone to find claw machines (like in the TikTok above) filled with toilet paper instead of plush toys.

@coupon_katieAnd that’s on Extreme Couponing… 😘 ##coupons ##couponing ##coronavirus

♬ Game of Thrones – FAZ

Likewise, this Game of Thrones-inspired TikTok is basically how every toilet paper hoarder feels right about now.

@samthullesenCORONAVIRUS = SOLVED ##PlayWithLife ##normalpeople ##FYP ##coronavirus @emilythullesen

♬ original sound – samthullesen

@samthullesen has figured it all out. Disney’s Monster’s Inc. is the reason behind the pandemic! But not actually. Well, at least the far-out math equation that led to this discovery checks out.

@thisaintjayI think my germ video caused the Coronavirus 😪 ##comedy ##foryou

♬ original sound – penislicker28

Among other things, the global travel industry has taken a massive hit due to the threat of COVID-19. And one of the first fatalities when it comes to the travel economy is the shockingly low flight prices.

But persistent travellers aren’t shying away from taking advantage of this unforeseen boost in travel deals. Check out this TikTok for further proof.


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