Singapore’s Uncle Phua is back again to teach us how to don’t play play with COVID-19!

You know things are different already when this eccentric contractor with his trademark yellow boots and large facial mole starts prancing around on screen telling everyone to use your brain, use your brain, use your brain! 

For those who have been wondering if there will be a remake of his 2003 Sarvivor Rap, Singapore’s friendly contractor Phua Chu Kang is finally back with another rap song to address the COVID-19 outbreak. This time, in a flashier music video, telling the people of Singapore not to mess around with their health, always practise personal hygiene and be socially responsible.

For the uninitiated, Phua Chua Kang is a sitcom character from Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd.  A Singlish-based sitcom about Phua Chu Kang and his family. He is noted for his famous cliché or catchphrase: “Don’t play play” which is a form of Singlish expression for ‘don’t mess around with me’.

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