5 Funny and Cool Instagram Story Filters Your Friends Might Not Even Know Yet

It’s a strange phenomenon that the current generation and the next will have to embrace ‘social distancing’ until COVID-19 disappears miraculously, or a cure is available.

At the same time, we embrace technology that has transformed the way we work and communicate.

Working from home and social distancing are no big deals for introverts. But for those who can’t stand a few hours of silence or feel the need to share your woes with your coworkers about the state of the world, at least you have these tools like Slack and WhatApps, so go on punch the keyboard.

Of course, nothing can replace the authenticity of face-to-face, human interaction. But social distancing does not mean emotional distancing. You’ll still find yourself frowning or laughing silly over messages on your electronic devices.

I’m sure most of you are familiar with Instagram story and its uber-cool filters. The ones that scan your face and turn them into ‘content’ worth sharing. By the way, animals and ageing filters are so passé.

Here are five amusingly cool filters to up your game, from the filters that augment your faces, figuring out what should you order from McDonald’s to the ones who can put a dancing Shrek in your living room, you’ll love to try and up your IG game (or spam your group chat).

We recommend these Instagram Story Filters to up your IG Game:

1. Dancing Shrek by @huviart

For kids born in the 90s, you should be familiar with this grumpy ogre.

Is it just me that All Star by Smash Mouth will ring in my ears whenever someone mentioned Shrek? Perhaps you can do a music video with The Shrek created by @huviart. Just by tapping, this ogre can dance, hula and even lounge on the couch with you.

2. My McDonald’s Order by @mcdonaldsuk

This goes out to those who are tired of getting ‘anything’ as an answer to what’s for lunch and dinner. My McDonald’s Order filter will help your indecisive friends to figure out what to order by ‘scanning’ their faces.

3. This is fine by @raedfw

This meme isn’t exactly new but it’s more relevant now than ever (just look at the situation in the US). If you’re frustrated at the sight of empty shelves at EMP-TY-YOU-SEE, feel free to put on this filter.

4. Unstable by @oleg.pashkovsky

This is one of the best filters to make people laugh (or roll their eyes). Plus, if you wish to quiz your friend on how well do they know their Marvel characters, go ahead and use this effect.

5. Mood by @anastasia_kochetkova

My favourite filter at the moment. Mood created by @anastasia_kochetkova is aesthetically perfect to describe whatever you’re feeling at the moment. Drinking bubble tea is also a #mood.

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