10 Feel-Good Music Videos You Should Be Watching Now 🎶

It’s not even April yet, but the world is in chaos because of a novel coronavirus. There is not a single day without the attention-grabbing headlines about COVID-19. If you’re an avid traveller, I understand how unfortunate and upsetting this whole episode must be, for literally, our wings are clipped.

Nobody has a clear answer as to how long this pandemic will last but looks like we are not able to travel for quite some time. But you can take a mental vacation during these trying times with these 10 feel-good music videos!

Watch, dance and sing along with it, make a travel playlist for your next trip!🛫🌎 These music videos will keep you sane!

1. “Anywhere” — Passenger 

🔥NUMBER OF VIEWS: 7,045,092 views🔥

One of my favourite music videos from Passenger! Watch Passenger busks around the world, see if you can recognise your favourite countries! Every time I watch this it just reminds me of the good times I had in Copenhagen!

2. “Sit Next To Me” (Around the World) — Foster the People

🔥NUMBER OF VIEWS: 5,497,179 views🔥

Come over here sit next to me
We can see where things go naturally
Just say the word and I’ll part the sea
Just come over here and sit next to me
And I’ll take you high, high

This novel coronavirus is simply annoying because it takes the joy away from attending large scale events like concerts! I still have not got a chance to attend Foster The People’s concert! 😭 In this music video, it captures Foster the People playing to fans across the globe from Berlin to Beijing!

3. “Tokyo” — Lianne Las Havas

🔥NUMBER OF VIEWS: 240,755 views🔥

Missing Tokyo? Follow Lianne La Havas as she wanders alone in Tokyo at night.

4. “Me + You” — HONNE

🔥NUMBER OF VIEWS: 4,783,457 views🔥

It’s just you and me, with the world beneath our feet
We can see for miles up here
We can go wild up here
It’s just me and you
Now we’re taking in the view
We can spend the rest of our days way up here just me and you

This is the kind of track you listen to when you’re cruising at an altitude of 35, 000 feet. This music video was shot on location in Seoul.

5. “Been To The Moon” — Corrinne Bailey Rae

🔥NUMBER OF VIEWS: 1,792,596 views🔥

This music video was shot on the volcanic landscapes of exotic-sounding Fuerteventura (one of the Canary Islands off the coast of northwestern Africa).

6. “She’s in Fashion” — Suede

🔥NUMBER OF VIEWS: 4,263,679 views🔥

This is not the most aesthetically-pleasing music video produced in 1999. But if you grew up listening to British bands, then you should be familiar with this track. It has a relaxing vibe to it, a perfect companion to fuel your road trip. For now, I guess you can cycle around your neighbourhood listening to this.

7. “Head full of dreams” — Coldplay

🔥NUMBER OF VIEWS: 39,135,214 views🔥

This song is definitely a mood booster! If you’re feeling sad about the state of the world right now, watch this!

8. “Hymns for the Weekend” — Coldplay and Beyonce

🔥NUMBER OF VIEWS: 1,259,577,927 views🔥

Coldplay did the unexpected by producing a groovy late-night club song with Beyonce. What’s the hype? Just look at the number of views – over 1.2 billion on Youtube! According to The Times of India, the music video was shot at various Indian cities including Worli Village, Mumbai and Kolkata and it was styled to the theme of Indian Festival of Holi.

9. “The Nights” — Avicii

🔥NUMBER OF VIEWS: 535,328,570 views🔥

Every song has the ability to take you on a journey, and when you add beautiful travel imagery to it, it’s enough to inspire you to take that trip. But sad to say, for now, travelling is not the best thing for the world. The Nights by Avicii is all about #YOLO 😎 and come to think of it, aren’t you glad and grateful for the memories you had abroad?

10. “Run Away With Me” — Carly Rae Jepsen

🔥NUMBER OF VIEWS: 37,809,449 views🔥

Run away with Carly Rae Jepsen to Paris, Tokyo and New York! This vibrant pop song coupled with handheld footage shot celebrates the joy of travel perfectly!😍

Now, go ahead put on your earphones and crank up the tunes. Who knows where these songs will take you.😊

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