Lunchtime Indulgence: Wagyu Steaks for the Busy Singaporean

Imagine this: amidst the whirlwind of meetings and deadlines, you find a moment of indulgent bliss with a plate of Wagyu steak so tender, it practically melts in your mouth. Yes, Wagyu steaks for the busy Singaporean looking to transform their lunchtime from mundane to extraordinary. This isn’t just a meal, but a midday escape for those who dare to indulge.

Wagyu X: Indulge in Marbled Perfection at 82 Club Street

Enter Wagyu X, the newest culinary gem on Club Street. Wagyu X isn’t your run-of-the-mill steakhouse. It’s possibly Singapore’s first ever Japanese Steakhouse where Chef-owner Masahisa Takada, after an extensive journey across Japan, brings to the table a rare Hokkaido special – a Wagyu crossbreed that’s a treasure outside its homeland. This unique breed, a cross between the Kuroge black Wagyu cow and the Aberdeen Angus bull, marries the exquisite marbling of A5 Wagyu with the rich, full-bodied taste of Angus beef. The result? A steak that dazzles your palate with its luxurious texture, striking the perfect balance between indulgent fat and hearty meat.

Wagyu X Elevates Your Steak Experience with a Brand New Menu

Most recently, Wagyu X has unveiled a brand new menu that offers a tantalising new way to experience their prized crossbreed beef. Instead of solely searing, Wagyu X now expertly chargrills steaks over binchotan charcoal for a smoky richness. Finally, it is served with a unique smoking process using Sakura wood, imparting delicate fruity cherry notes to the meat that whets your appetite. It’s definitely a feast for the senses.

Binchotan Flame Grilled Wagyu X Sirloin (500g)

The beef is so juicy and flavourful, then the house-made crispy garlic chips cut right through the richness. Drizzle the signature steak sauce – a perfect mix of sweet and savoury, totally addictive.


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Wagyu X’s new menu showcases a fusion of Japanese and Italian flavours, offering a refreshing way to experience their prized Wagyu crossbreed. A prime example is the Wagyu Carpaccio. This dish features paper-thin slices of Wagyu X tenderloin drizzled with a touch of truffle oil. Arugula leaves and Parmesan chips complete the plate, creating a perfect harmony of umami flavours.

Diners can elevate their Wagyu experience with a selection of tempting new sides. The Japanese Sweet Potato Croquettes are crafted in-house using premium sweet potatoes imported from Japan, resulting in a luxuriously creamy and satisfying texture. For a healthy accompaniment, the Horenso Gomaae (Spinach Salad) features simply blanched spinach tossed in a house-made roasted sesame dressing, offering a burst of umami flavour.

Diners seeking a satisfying alternative to steak will find the Wagyu Fried Rice irresistible. This dish features rice fried with Wagyu fat for unparalleled richness, complemented by a refreshing ooba leaf foam. Originally conceived as a staff meal utilising extra Wagyu, this dish was quickly recognized for its excellence. It first appeared on the 3-course lunch set menu before its undeniable appeal earned it a place on the main menu.

Diners who crave this exceptional experience aren’t limited to dinnertime. Wagyu X has a specially curated lunchtime indulgence menu, featuring a 3-course meal at the enticing price of S$38++.


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Wagyu X delivers an exceptional dining experience, whether one seeks a luxurious lunch or a venue to celebrate a special occasion.

And if you are still pining over that Japan trip, believe it or not, a visit to Wagyu X might just be the cure for those post-vacation blues!

Wagyu X
Address: 82 Club St, Singapore 069450
Operating hours: Daily 11:00am – 3:00pm & 5:00pm – 10:00pm
Phone Number: 8795 6664

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