ShakeShack’s New Breakfast Menu Available Till 11:00AM Daily!

ShakeShack SG is bringing in a brand new breakfast menu and it is currently only available at Gardens By The Bay ShakeShack, introducing 4 new breakfast items: Wake Up Shack, Bacon Egg N’ Cheese, Arugula Egg N’ Cheese, and Breakfast Tots.

This new breakfast menu at Gardens By The Bay is available daily till 11:00AM. It looks like this may be a trial for the new menu and to see how popular it is before deciding whether or not to roll it out to other ShakeShack outlets islandwide. This however, is purely speculation at this point and is subject to change.

Wake Up Shack

Wake Up Shack Breakfast Sandwich. Photo Taken From ShakeShack Singapore.

Indulge in the Wake Up Shack, grilled egg topped with niman ranch, applewood smoked bacon, american cheese, breakfast tots, and shack breakfast sauce on top of the classic potato bun. All that savoury goodness is sure to get you up and going! 

Price: $7.80

Bacon Egg N’ Cheese

Bacon Egg N’ Cheese Breakfast Sandwich. Photo Taken From ShakeShack Singapore.

The Bacon Egg N’ Cheese is a classic with a griddled egg, smoked applewood bacon, american cheese and shack breakfast sauce atop their classic potato bun, it makes for a quick and fueling pick me up in the mornings.

Price: $6.80

Arugula Egg N’ Cheese

Arugula Egg N’ Cheese Breakfast Sandwich. Photo Taken From ShakeShack Singapore.

All vegetarians rejoice! The second iteration of a vegetarian item on the menu makes it debut in Singapore. The Arugula Egg N’ Cheese is made up of griddled egg whites topped with cheddar cheese, arugula and shack breakfast sauce.

Price: $5.80

Breakfast Tots

Breakfast Tots From ShakeShack. Photo Taken From ShakeShack Singapore.

Be sure to enjoy a full breakfast complete with ShakeShack’s Breakfast Tots. Fluffy pillow potato texture on the inside and golden crisp on the outside!

Price: $4.00

ShakeShack started introducing this new breakfast concept menu in its American, New York City outlets since as early as 2017, and have finally made their way to our shores.


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