Keep Calm and Work On These 7 Beautiful Puzzles At Home

Let’s admit that the COVID-19 can create unnecessary anxiety and the world suddenly finds itself divided into two tribes: the catastrophist and the conspiracy theorist.
For a moment, stop scrolling mindlessly on your newsfeed and stop reading messages from your relatives about COVID-19.


The only way to combat and overcome this pandemic is to reduce social interaction, practise social distancing, and do not be influenced by panic buyers who disrupt and add burden to the supermarkets.

If you find yourself in a crowd, you’re in the wrong place, get out immediately.

For those who find it difficult to stay at home or have already binge-watched all the travel films, I’ve rounded up 7 pretty cool puzzles that’ll prove to be great additions to your living space.


1. The Most Famous Greek Island – Santorini


This puzzle has 1000 pieces. Get it from for SGD$48.37

2. The Most Instagrammable Fairytale Village – Hallstatt, Austria


This puzzle has 1000 pieces. Get it from for SGD$26.31

3. Indugle in A Romantic Daydream to Street of Paris 


This puzzle has 1000 pieces. Get it from for SGD$45.44

4. Build Yourself A Fairytale Castle – Schloss Neuschwanstein


One of the most dreamy castles in Europe. Apparently, Walt Disney was inspired by Neuschwanstein castle when he created his Disney’s logo. This is a 3D puzzle with 98 pieces. Get it from for SGD$12.90

5. A Massive Puzzle For Game of Thrones Fans 


This massive 3D puzzle will keep you occupied for weeks! Get it from for SGD$85.84

6. Cultivate Patience With This Gorgeous Rainbow Orb

Uncommon goods

It’s an engineering feat to get the puzzle put together, but the result is worth it! Inject some good energy into your living space with this rainbow orb. Get it from uncommon goods for SGD$100.55

7. Create Your Own Milky Way 

uncommon goods

My favourite puzzle set! It’s extremely challenging but looks amazing! Don’t give up halfway! Get it from uncommon goods for SGD$129.28

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