Circuit Breaker Conversation Starters

Since COVID-19 is at the forefront of everyone’s minds, it’s now a natural conversation starter. But that is not exactly a comforting or positive topic to start with. In precarious times like these where happiness can be elusive, a lighthearted conversation is essential.

“I had a dream last night that I sneaked out to buy bubble tea. Is this quarantine fatigue?”

“Have you been outside recently? On my commute from my house to the nearest supermarket, there seem to be a lot more birds and flowers on the sidewalks.”

“Did you learn anything new during this period of circuit breaker? I learn how to make fluffy fried rice that tastes as good as takeout.”

“Have you taken up any new hobbies? I am trying to learn from Gordon Ramsay on Master Class but I’ve been getting my oily fingerprints on my iPad.”

“Would you prefer to wear a surgical face mask or a plastic face shield? The surgical face mask can cause pimples, isn’t it?”

“I wish I bought that pair of artificial grass slippers. What did you buy online recently?”

“Did you lose weight during this time? Strangely I did because I no longer have access to cakes and pastries.”

“What did you order for dinner today? Does it look good for the ‘gram?”

“Congrats on harvesting your first batch of bean sprouts! Is it legal to grow an avocado tree?”

“I noticed that my neighbourhood park is more crowded than usual. Have you seen anything fun in the park?”

“Do you have any online grocery stores’ promo codes?”

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