Home Covid-19 Fancy A Quarantini? Here Are Cocktail Recipes From The World’s Best Hotels...
Home Covid-19 Fancy A Quarantini? Here Are Cocktail Recipes From The World’s Best Hotels...

Fancy A Quarantini? Here Are Cocktail Recipes From The World’s Best Hotels To Up Your Home Bar Game During Quarantine


We’ve given you our cooking tips and tricks, as well as recipes during this quarantine to aid you with some cooking inspirations.

And well, what’s a meal without a drink to accompany it?

Some of the best hotels from around the world have given us cocktail recipes:

1. Bob’s Bar At Capella Singapore

Bob's Old Fashioned
 Image from Capella Singapore

We start off in Sunny Singapore, specifically on Sentosa where Capella Singapore calls home.

One of Singapore’s top hotels, Capella Singapore has shared the recipe for Bob’s Old Fashioned, a signature cocktail of the hotel’s bar, Bob’s Bar.

The drink is an ode to the hotel’s rich heritage, and a rendition of an international classic with hints of Asian spices made with Capella Singapore’s exclusive Navegante Rum.

Bob’s Old Fashioned

Navegante Rum 
Sugar syrup 
Angostura bitters 
Homemade allspice dram (overproof rum, brown sugar, allspice berry, cinnamon) 
Cigar tincture 
Served with Navegante rum chocolate.

1)Place a large ice cube in an Old Fashioned glass. 
2)Combine rum, syrup, angostura bitters, allspice dram and cigar tincture. 
3)Garnish with orange twist

2. Singita Sweni Lodge

The Spirit of Sweni
 Image from Singita Sweni Lodge

Next, we take a trip across the world to South Africa where the Singita Sweni Lodge calls the Kruger National Park home.

The Sweni Lodge’s signature cocktail is The Spirit of Sweni, a zesty and refreshing drink that seeks to reflect the bright and playful nature of the Lodge, along with the rich, verdant landscape of Kruger National Park.

The Spirit of Sweni

25ml of your favourite gin 
100ml fresh lemonade 
100ml tonic water
Ice cube
s½ Lime
½ Kiwi Fruit, chopped up into chunks
2 slices of Green Apple
A sprig of mint

1. Pour all the ingredients into a mixing glass with ice cubes
2. Stir well
3. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass
4. Serve straight with a garnish of lime, add the kiwi chunks, green apple and mint
5. Stir well and enjoy!

3. JING Bar At The Temple House

Sichuan Mule
 Image from The Temple House

We fly to Chengdu, China and drop by JING Bar at The Temple House.

Introducing the Sichuan Mule, a new take on the classic Moscow Mule which traditional features vodka and ginger beer.

The JING Bar introduces Chengdu’s iconic spicy Sichuan flavours into the cocktail, promising a cocktail with flavours you’d never thought possible.

Sichuan Mule 

Vodka infused Ginger & Pepper 45m
Mint Leaf 15 Pieces
Lime wedge 4
Syrup 5ml 
5ml Ginger beer 
Garnish: Mint Spring

1. Fill your mug (or glass) with crushed ice
2. Add infused Vodka
3. Squeeze the limes
4. Top everything off with ginger beer
5. Give it a stir and add a pretty garnish

4. Café Gray Bar At The Upper House

Upper Southside
Image from The Upper House

Café Gray Bar at The Upper House is rather renowned in Hong Kong, and now you can try your hand at one of their signature cocktails – the Upper Southside.

The cocktail is a rejuvenating concoction of Hendrick’s Gin, fresh lime juice, mint leaves, and cucumber chunks, resulting in a refreshing and invigorating drink on a hot summer’s day.

Upper Southside 

Hendrick’s Gin 50ml
Fresh Lime Juice 20ml
Sugar Syrup 20ml
Fresh Cucumber Chunks, 3-4 pieces
Fresh Mint, 3-4 leaves

1. Place the mint and cucumber chunks into a shaker
2. Add the syrup, lime juice, and gin
3. Lightly smash the mint leaves and cucumber
4. Add ice and shake for 6-8 seconds
5. Double strain the liquid into a chilled Martini glass
6. And garnish with a cucumber slice

5. UNION Bar At The Opposite House

Image from The Opposite House

UNION Bar is The Opposite House’s latest venture, with their cocktails drawing from an interesting historical place – the Silk Road.

As you may well know, the Silk Road is an ancient network of trade routes connecting the East and the West.

UNION Bar has taken the Negroni, the classic aperitif and finished with a slice of dry ginseng instead of the typical orange peel, giving the cocktail a herbal flavour with a good balance of bitter and aromatic.


30ml Citadelle Gin
30ml Campari
30ml Mancino Vermouth 
Dry Ginseng Slice (suggested)

1. Simply stir ingredients together and garnish with a slice of dry ginseng.

6.Sugar At EAST, Hong Kong

Sugar’s French Kiss cocktail promises to be a sensual one.

A refreshing tipple with floral notes that is said to help alleviate stress, the cocktail has pretty balanced flavours with the sweetness of the honey creating a nice contrast to the sour notes of the Elderflower Liqueur.

French Kiss 

Pisco 50ml, 
Dry Rosé 20ml, 
Elderflower Liqueur 25ml
Suggested ingredient: Orange peel, Honey 1 tsp

Tools: Mixing Glass, Bar Spoon, Stainer & Jigger, Martini Glass

1. Chill the martini glass and the mixing glass with ice
2. Drain out the water in the mixing glass
3. Add Pisco, Rosé, Elderflower Liqueur and honey one by one into the mixing glass
4. Stir until cold and well mixed
5. Empty the martini glass
6. Use a strainer to pour the mix into the martini glass
7. Garnish with an orange peel

7. The Fullerton Hotel Sydney

Sydney Sling
Image from The Fullerton Sydney

The Fullerton Hotel is offering up their Sydney Sling, the establishment’s nod to the Fullerton brand and their Singapore roots, where the Singapore Sling is the classic tipple.

The Sydney Sling is Sydney’s take of the Singaporean classic, a cocktail that leans a little sweeter with a touch of spice.

If you’ve been looking for a variation of the Singapore Sling, here you have it.

The Sydney Sling

45ml gin – The Fullerton Hotel Sydney uses Four Pillars 58.8 Gin
45ml blood orange juice – Grapefruit juice is a great substitute
15ml hibiscus liqueur – elderflower Liqueur is a great substitute
10ml ginger liqueur – alternatively, double up on ginger juice
25ml fresh lime juice
10ml fresh ginger juice
10ml Grenadine
20ml sugar syrup – see recipe below
Dehydrated ginger slice – or any fruit of your choice, to garnish

1.Combine all ingredients and shake together vigorously for five seconds.
2.Strain into your desired glass over ice and enjoy.

Sugar Syrup:
Making sugar syrup requires equal parts sugar and water. You can also make a
thicker style syrup by adding two parts sugar to one-part water.
1.Boil the water in a saucepan, add the sugar and stir until it dissolves.
2.Remove from heat and allow to cool.
3.Store in a firmly sealed bottle or container in the fridge where it can keep 
for a few weeks.


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