Make Your Own Matcha Beer

Fans of matcha would agree that this finely milled green tea powder improves everything from smoothies to pastries to skincare products and more! Not only is matcha full of health benefits, but everything it touches has a delightful shade of green. We’re already feeling zen just by looking at how matcha is prepared!

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Making a cup of matcha at home is easy with the right tools like Chasen (bamboo whisk) and Chawan (Ceramic bowl) to whisk it properly. Unlike a standard metal whisk, a chasen will actually froth your matcha.

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Now, instead of making a regular matcha latte with milk, how about adding matcha to your favourite Japanese beer, just like how the Japanese do in Kyoto’s Uji City!



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Matcha beer is a crisp and refreshing beverage that has a grassy, earthy flavour. Here’s how to make one at home:

Ingredients (1 serving)

  • 1 teaspoon Matcha
  • 1/4 cup warm water (Alternatively, if you prefer a richer matcha taste, you can use a small amount of beer to whisk the matcha into a thick mixture instead)
  • 1 ice cold beer (or Japanese rice lager, if you can get one)


In a ceramic dish, combine a teaspoon of matcha with a few ounces of warm water. Use the chasen to whisk the ingredients together in an “M” or “W” pattern until you get a frothy, creamy matcha concoction. Next, fill a tall glass with beer until it is slightly more than half way full and then top it up with the foamy matcha concoction. There you have it, Matcha Beer! Kaipan!

Alternatively, you can pour the foamy matcha concoction into the bottom of the tall glass first, then topped it off with beer.

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