James Bond Drinks Bollinger, and You Can Too

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Although the pandemic has taken away the thrill of going to the theatre and the movies, James Bond’s No Time To Die was intended to be a great hit this time of year. 007 was a gentleman and an action hero in our grandparents’ day, and he still is today. While the times have changed, two things remain constant in Bond’s films: Vodka martinis and Champagne.

In the life of a secret agent … there are occasions when he takes refuge in good living to efface the memory of danger and the shadow of death. (Live and Let Die by Ian Fleming, 1954)

Regardless of how many times Bond is tormented, beaten, poisoned, or shot, champagne is always sufficient to console and calm him; champagne is 007’s own quantum of solace. The question is, which Champagne house?


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Champagne Bollinger 

The official champagne of James Bond (it has been featured in every film) and the Queen of England.

Bollinger is a Champagne icon, made all the more extraordinary by the quality of its unique Champagnes. Its 405-acre vineyards, most of which are Grand or Premier cru, supply nearly two-thirds of the house’s needs. The company established a quality charter decades ago requiring at least 60% of production to come from their own vineyard. This emphasizes their focus on quality above quantity. Second, Bollinger is synonymous with Pinot Noir in Champagne. The region’s most difficult to grow grape type, it makes up around 60% of plantings and always 60% or more of each Champagne. To ferment the base wines for its Non-Vintage and Vintage wines, it is the only remaining producer in the region with its own cooperage. Fourth, Bollinger maintains reserve wines in magnum bottles to mix into Non-Vintage cuvées, a labour-intensive process no one today attempts.

James Bond drinks Champagne Bollinger, and you can too.

La Grande Année embodies the Bollinger Champagne House’s meticulously preserved traditional expertise. The wine is only vinified in small aged oak barrels. Champagne Bollinger has never abandoned this traditional craft method, which aids in the development of aromas of exceptional finesse. Today, each bottle of La Grande Année is drilled and disgorged by hand after a lengthy maturing on its lees.

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