Closing the chapter of 2020 feels cathartic. There is hope after all with the arrival of covid-19 vaccines, but it will take months before the world gets back to normal again. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

As the pace of life continues to speed up albeit cautiously, there’s no reason not to take good care of our well-being. One of the insights I’ve gained in 2020 was the importance of self-care amid a flurry of Covid-19 headlines and travel restrictions.

Treat Yourself to A Spa Day At Home

To be frank, a year without travel feels prosaic and I know there are far more important things in life besides travelling, perhaps this is a form of blessing in disguise. However, I’ve also discovered ways to play tourist in Singapore ranging from curated experiences, farm tours to staycations. Last but not least, a pampering spa retreat can feel like you’re on a holiday too.

Now it’s easier than ever to schedule a spa day at home, and you can even plan it as a surprise gift for your loved ones. ALEYDA Mobile Spa offers therapeutic massages, aromatherapy and pampering spa treatments at the comfort of your home.

Although the idea of a weekend getaway to Bali or Bintan is impossible right now, indulging in a luxury spa at home to wind down is a great way to lift your mood too!

Find out more about the services available here.


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