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Home Discoverist x CR Need A Break from the City? Best Farm Tours & Activities to...

Need A Break from the City? Best Farm Tours & Activities to Try in Singapore


Need a break from the city?

Wish you could be abroad picking strawberries and taking photos with sheep? Well, despite the bleak outlook for overseas travel, there will always be a silver lining somewhere…Let’s just keep our fingers crossed. We’d like to remain optimistic for the future and we know what you’re after. Time to venture off the beaten path and spend time in nature to energize our mind and body, after all, it’s been a stressful year. Here’s our pick of the best farm tours and activities in Singapore that would appeal to your outdoorsy side. Plus, these experiences are eligible for SingapoRediscover Vouchers!

From 1 December 2020 to 30 June 2021, every Singaporean can use SingapoRediscover Vouchers to go on a staycation, visit attractions, participate in local tours and activities to support the local travel industry and take this opportunity to rediscover their own city.

Need a break from the city? Check out these farm tours & activities 

Singapore is a huge tropical urban resort in itself, apart from swanky shopping malls and high-rise buildings, there are farms in remote areas that most of us hardly will stop by. You won’t be able to find any strawberries farm here, instead, there are other types of farms awaiting your visit!

Remember to mask up and practise safe distancing when you’re outside.

1. Staycation and Farm Tour

While there is no farm stay in Singapore, you can still go on a mini holiday in the northernmost region of Singapore. The 4-hour farm tour begins early in the morning at 9am, where you will be visiting three farms in the region and then enjoy a one night staycation at a 3-star hotel! Book your experience here.

Bollywood Veggies

Hay Dairy Goat Farm that produces fresh goat milk. Here you will get to feed the goat and find out how these milk are milked for distribution.

2. Kampong and Farm Tour

As an urban dweller, we get our vegetables and fruits from supermarkets, but have you ever wondered what was it like in the olden days of Singapore? Take a trip to the last surviving Kampong (Malay word for village) in Singapore, learn about its history and the way of living back then.


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Today, there are more than 200 farms in our land-scarce city, it is part of our nation’s strategy to effectively buffer from supply disruptions. On this tour, you will also be visiting several farms including Singapore’s largest mushroom and wheatgrass farm, and find out how technology makes smart and sustainable farming. For those looking for a mix of history and nature, this is a tour not to be missed!

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3. The Edible Garden Tour

Life in the city can get overwhelming at times. For those looking for a short respite from the hustle and bustle of the city, join the farmers of Edible Garden City (ECG) for a day and discover a fresh (pun intended) view of Singapore.

Whether you thought about quitting your job to become a farmer or not, you will gain insight about today’s agriculture industry on this tour. Hear from the urban farmers of ECG and how their lives have changed as they started their journey into farming. And if you’re a newbie trying to plant your own veggies at home, you will meet like-minded individuals and exchange tips with the local urban farmers too.

As part of this 3.5-hour tour, there is also a guided workshop to create your own edible garden and you will be able to bring them home.

Book your experience here.

4. Day Trip to Vegetables and Animal Farms

Take a break from the city and experience a rustic side of Singapore on this guided day trip. Feed the animals, shop the freshest produce, try longkang fishing and dine at a farm-to-table bistro! A great way to spend your weekend to be rejuvenated by nature, at the same time, you’re also supporting locally farmed produce and learning new knowledge too.

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