Changi Recommends’ Connectivity Solutions Keep You Connected – Even at the Last Minute!

Oops! Reached the departure hall and realised you forgot to get a travel SIM card? Don’t panic! Changi Recommends has got you covered 24/7 with our last-minute connectivity options – even when you are just about to fly off!

Whether it’s staying connected with loved ones, accessing important information, or simply sharing your travel experiences in real-time, you can rely on Changi Recommends to provide you with connectivity – right when you need it. With our versatile range, such as ChangiWiFi, the latest Changi Travel eSIM, and Overseas Prepaid SIM Card, you can now confidently embark on your adventures, knowing that staying connected is just a quick, hassle-free step away.


Ideal for family or a group of friends as well as business travellers who need to stay connected on multiple devices, ChangiWiFi enables users to connect to up to five WiFi-enabled devices at any given time, providing a simple solution to keep everyone connected at an affordable price.

Additionally, ChangiWiFi routers offer unlimited data, allowing users to stay connected without any worries. On top of this, the router’s new touchscreen iteration features network optimisation, ensuring reliable and seamless Internet connectivity. It’s no wonder ChangiWiFi remains a crowd favourite!

Available for walk-in rentals any time you need it (subject to availability), customers can also enjoy the convenience of collecting their devices directly from our counters at the airport before departure.

Changi Travel eSIM

For tech-savvy travellers seeking ultimate flexibility, Changi Travel eSIM offers you seamless connectivity without the need for a physical SIM card. You can conveniently purchase and activate eSIMs on the go, anytime and from anywhere, no mobile app required at all. No more searching for SIM card slots or worrying about misplacing them. Simply scan a QR code and activate your travel data instantly. With Changi Travel eSIM, you have the freedom to stay connected effortlessly, so you can focus on making lasting memories during your journey.

Overseas Prepaid SIM Card

If you are looking for budget-friendly connectivity solutions and prefer traditional travel SIM cards with local providers and calling/texting options, our Overseas Prepaid SIM Card is a great choice! It works seamlessly on dual-SIM mobile devices, allowing users to choose plans based on their budget and travel needs. This card also provides secure connectivity, reducing the risk of unstable networks or compromised personal information compared to public WiFi.

And if it’s a last-minute purchase, don’t worry! Our counters at Changi Airport are open 24 hours a day, ensuring you can get your hands on a Prepaid SIM card whenever you need it (subject to availability). Moreover, to make the process even smoother, you can conveniently purchase your SIM card online and skip the queue by collecting it directly from the Changi Recommends counters.

Learn more about our connectivity solutions and make your online purchase here.

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