Revenge travel without breaking the bank, every Singaporean’s favourite places to escape to! 

Looking for a quick getaway around Southeast Asia? We got you! We curated a list of 4 amazing places you can visit without breaking the bank. Another great thing, your friends are likely to have been recently, so ask them about their experience to really get to know the places. 

Countries within Southeast Asia tend to have affordable flights, accommodation, and food, and thus are great to escape reality without hurting your wallet. 

Here are 4 destinations that you can visit on a budget! 

1. Bangkok

Affordable flights, transportation, shopping, beautiful cultural landmarks, and a rich history, Thailand is a package deal in one country. Singaporeans are constantly flying to Bangkok for weekend getaways and impromptu shopping sprees, given that it’s only 3-hour plane ride away!  

Bangkok is a beautiful city known for its ornate shrines and vibrant street life, along with the chaotic traffic and high density of people makes the city feel alive. Shopping, eating, sightseeing, and experiencing a new culture are some things that Bangkok is ready to offer.

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Wat Pho and Wat Arun are two of many temples that draw millions of tourists to visit. Their stunning architecture stands out from each other, having unique designs or statues that are something to behold. While at the temples, take a moment to observe the Thai craftmanship and decorated walls that tells a story of the history and artistry of the locals. Wander around to discover the little details of the place!  

On the weekends, Chatuchak Weekend Market is a bustling hotspot. The market is the largest weekend market in the world, having about 15,000 vendors selling anything and everything under the sun. 200,000 visitors are seen there every weekend so do dress in comfortable shoes and be prepared for a crowd. For the best experience there, head over in the morning, when the sun isn’t at its brightest and the crowd is smaller, giving you that much needed space to move around the entire market comfortably.  

If you’re itching to shop, Bangkok will not disappoint. Thailand has some of the biggest shopping malls in the world, with three of them, CentralPlaza WestGate, CentralWorld, and ICONSIAM, ranking in the top ten largest malls. ICONSIAM, the smallest of three, boasts 500,000 square meters of space, 7,000 retail stores, 100 restaurants, and even a floating market within the mall! With the sheer number of stores and walking needed, each of these malls deserves a day at least to explore.  

You really can’t get bored in Bangkok because there is so much to experience! 

Flights can get as low as SGD$135, and an average 4-star hotel costs $41 per night! Bangkok will definitely not be your biggest expense for the year. 

All-in-one ultra convenient fun pass in Bangkok from SGD$70! Popular attractions and experiences with BTS Transport tickets right on your phone! You can choose any of 3 curated popular attractions within 10 days.

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2. Kuala Lumpur 

Malaysia is known for its relatively cheaper shopping, and tasty foods. One of the best countries for Singaporeans to have a quick escape from reality. With the Malaysian Ringgit averaging around MYR$3.3 to SGD$1, you have to make the most out of it before it drops.

If you’re like me and hate the weekend jam between Singapore and Johor Bahru, flying into Kuala Lumpur (KL) will be a better option! Instead of getting caught in a jam for four hours, take a quick one-hour flight into KL.  

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KL is a great family-friendly place, with tons of sightseeing, shopping, and theme parks!  

Sightseeing at the Batu Caves is a very popular tourist destination in KL. Not only are the caves an important pilgrimage site for Hindus, but it has also since become an iconic attraction for locals and tourists. At 42.7 meters, a huge golden Lord Murugan Statue stands at the front of the entrance. It’s currently the world’s tallest statue of the Hindu deity and is an iconic image of the Batu Caves. A vibrantly coloured flight of stairs is beside the statue, turning the entrance into a stunning photogenic spot.  

Photo by Alex Azabache on Unsplash

Once you reach the top of the stairs, you will enter a large cavern with Hindu shrines and old buildings featured inside the cave. Do note as this is an active religious site, please do dress appropriately when entering. Within the cavern, there are two other caves that you can enter, the Dark Cave and the Ramayana Cave. There will be much to explore in the Batu Caves!  

For Singaporeans, shopping in Malaysia is always a good idea! KL holds a number of mammoth shopping malls, giving you the opportunity to shop til’ you drop. Pavilion KL, Suria KLCC Mall, and Mid Valley Megamall are some of many malls that boast an amazing number of stores. International, luxury, and local brands can all be bought at these malls for a cheaper price compared to Singapore’s malls.  

If you love theme parks or have children that do, KL is filled with them! Sunway Lagoon, Aquaria, Petrosains Science Discovery Center, and more, these are some of the nationally praised theme parks in KL. Sunway Lagoon is the ultimate theme park experience in Malaysia, having an amusement park, water park, wildlife park, and more parks inside one location. Aquaria is a state-of-the-art aquarium that lives in the heart of KL, close to the iconic Petronas Twin Tower. Check out their websites to find out more! 

Plane tickets are affordable, priced around SGD$100, and accommodations averagely price at SGD$40 per night. Overall, KL is a great place for families, and travellers who love to shop! 

3. Hanoi 

In the recent years, Vietnam has been a rising star for tourism. The number of travellers flying in has been booming ever since the early 2000s, so you know Vietnam is a great place to visit. Vietnam is popular for its unique cuisine, the history of the country, and the culture. A breathtaking place to discover and experience a new world.   

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is a great starting place for new travellers! Hanoi displays its values with a touch of deep history and a rich culture. Hanoi has a lot to see and experience, from ancient towns and UNESCO World Heritage Sites to beautiful lakes and serene beaches. Hanoi is also famous for its vibrant food scene, providing a wide variety of amazing dishes.  


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The Old Quarter is in the heart of Hanoi, offering historical sites to visit, amazing food along the streets, and friendly people to meet. This large site will showcase Vietnam in all its form, traditional and modern. Consisting of 36 streets of Vietnamese architecture, green spaces, ancient shops, and so many more, there will be tons to see, experience and eat. 

Visit Hoan Kiem Lake, an essential part of Vietnam. Known for its peaceful beauty and its history, Hoan Kiem Lake is a popular tourist destination. Walk, run, or bike in the morning to find the peace of life at the lake, and discover the old tale that gives the lake its name. Watch a water puppet at the Thang Long Water Puppet Theater near the lake, showcasing the legendary traditional artform of Vietnam.  

Flights to Hanoi can go as low as SGD$214, and a hotel will cost an average of SGD$38. More expensive than the previous places but still affordable! 

If you’re the type who loves sightseeing and eating, you will fall in love with Hanoi.   

4. Ho Chi Minh 

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Vietnam’s largest city, Ho Chi Minh City, is the business and financial hub of the country. Like Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City is a modern city scape. Besides the food and language, Singaporeans will feel right at home when they visit. Ho Chi Minh is also home to some dark history of wartime’s past, kept in the museums and historical sites. If you’re interested to learn about the history of the Vietnam war, you must visit Ho Chi Minh. This city has a lot to offer, like beautiful shops, fantastic nightlife, engaging museums, and delicious cuisine. 

The Cu Chi Tunnels, an immense network of connecting tunnels were an asset for the Viet Congs during the Vietnam war. Visiting the Cu Chi Tunnels is not for everybody, especially if you are even slightly claustrophobic like me. The tunnels are small, with some areas requiring one to crawl on all fours in a dimly lit, stuffy tunnel. This place will leave a deep impression on you, experiencing a glimpse of what the Viet Congs had to go through. A guided tour will teach you about how traps are set in the tunnels, where the hidden entrances into the tunnel are and many more. If you aren’t claustrophobic, this will the best way to get a firsthand experience of the Vietnam War. 


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The War Remnant Museum is another key tourist destination for people visiting Ho Chi Minh. The museum lays out the real history, its crime, and consequences from the war. Displays of the equipment used, photographs, and artifacts from the war will give an entirely new perspective to what Vietnam went through. This museum is highly recommended by thousands of tourists and locals, proving that this museum holds great significance. The museum is located conveniently close to the city center, making it easily accessible to most.  


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Mekong Delta is the lifeblood of Vietnam. From this region, half of Vietnam’s rice and fish is produced there. Farms and villages are set up along the sides of the river, and on the river lives the largest floating market in Vietnam, Cai Rang Floating Market. In the market, the villagers sail their boats looking to sell or trade their produce, others sell hot food to the villagers and tourists on the boats.   

For the best experience, take a tour that brings you through the thick of the market and purchase the food and fruits on sale.  

Along the river, there are also photogenic places and restaurants to visit. Take a limousine boat that will take you to popular sites along the river.  


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Flight tickets to Ho Chi Minh can cost as low as SGD$131, and a 4-star hotel will cost an average of SGD$85 per night.  

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