Travelling to Singapore during the pandemic? Here’s what you need to know:

Who is eligible to enter Singapore?

Singapore currently accepts travellers from Brunei, China and vice-versa for essential and business-related travel. Visitors from Australia, New Zealand, and Taiwan who have applied for an Air Travel Pass are also permitted for general travel.

Do note that short-term visitors with travel history to the United Kingdom or South Africa within the last 14 days will not be allowed to enter Singapore even if prior approval had been given.​

Permitted travellers must also submit their health declaration within three days before arriving in Singapore.

For more information, please visit the SafeTravel website.

Mandatory Covid-19 Insurance for eligible travellers 

With effect from 31 January 2021, 2359 hours, short-term visitors applying to enter Singapore via the Air Travel Pass (ATP) and Reciprocal Green Lanes (RGLs) will need to have travel insurance for their COVID-19-related medical treatment and hospitalisation costs in Singapore, with a minimum coverage of S$30,000. The travel insurance will help them pay for the costs of their medical treatment in Singapore.

Changi Assure 

ChangiAssure can be bought before or upon arrival in Singapore. It comes in four tiers: Basic+, Standard, Superior and Gold. The premium fees allow flexibility and can be customized based on your travel period. Individuals from ages three to 70 are eligible for the cover.

All prices in SGD and inclusive of GST.

The basic plan for as low as $21.84 provides up to SG$30,000 in hospitalisation or quarantine expenses in case the traveller is infected with COVID-19 during their stay in Singapore.

For more information, visit


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