6 Viral TikTok Travel Hacks You Need to Know

As the countries slowly reopen, many of us get to travel again. Whether you’re a frequent flier or a person who rarely travels, there might still be some travel hacks you don’t know about. The whole process of travelling can get expensive and hectic but some people just seemed to hack it.

Many people are sharing their own travel hacks on social media platforms, like TikTok, and going viral. Read on to discover viral travel hacks because who doesn’t like finding little tips and tricks to save time or money?


1. Adding Coin to Water

@emerald_outlaw Travel Hack ✈️ How to know if your power went out and your food is spoiled 🤯 #travelhack #travelwithkids #traveltipsandtricks #poweroutage ♬ The Magic Bomb (Questions I Get Asked) [Extended Mix] – Hoàng Read

A day before your departure, freeze a small cup of water. Once it’s frozen, place a coin on top of the ice. This hack helps with knowing if your power got cut off.

The logic behind this hack is if you see that the coin is not on top of the ice anymore, it means there was a power cut off and the ice melted. The lower the coin, the longer the power was out.


2. Apple AirTag

@katamogz #travelhack #traveltips #airtag #appleairtag #travelhacks #tipsandtricks #lifehack #airporttips #airport #aircanada #applehacks #appletips ♬ Island In The Sun – Weezer

When packing your luggage, place an Apple AirTag inside. In the unfortunate event that your baggage was reported missing, you will be able to tell where it is from “Find Your Devices”. This hack is extremely useful and saves you a headache.


3. Using Travel Apps

Travel planning can be tough and overwhelming. With more travel apps popping up in the market, it is useful to start implementing them into your travel planning. From packing and itinerary planning to navigation, you can find an app to suit your needs.

If you need recommendations, here are some popular travel apps to get you started.


4. Clothing Pillow Hack

@nolimitua #travelhack #travelhacks #pillowtransformation #lifehack #travellight #noonesgonnaknow #traveltips #travellife #traveltip ♬ how would they know bad girls club – Chris Gleason

The most popular travel hack that is trending on TikTok now is the Pillow Hack. If you have too many outfits and too little space, fret not. Simply take an empty pillowcase and stuff your clothing inside. Once filled up, it will look like a pillow. You can bring up the pillow as a carry-on, which you can use as a soft pillow to sleep on. A win-win situation!

This idea is simple and works (kind of). Just avoid any clothing with metal accessories so it will pass through security easily.


5. Plastic Bag Hack

@travelingwithcva Just popping in for some airport travel hacks for budget travel! Works great if flying #frontier or #spirit! #savemoney #travelhacks #airporthacks ♬ Punk Monk – Playboi Carti

Another hack for when you have too many things. In transit, take a plastic bag and throw in any excess you have. The trick is to pretend you went shopping. If you find yourself in a pinch, you can try this.


6. Make-shift Phone Stand

@shoshoni_vdv_ Travelhacks☺️✈️ #travel #flight #airplanes #airplane #hacks #travelhack #fy #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #dontletthisflop #viral #netflix ♬ IM NEED SOMEBODY – ig : radiacn26_🕊

Want to watch Netflix without holding up your phone? Simply take a napkin and place it between your phone and phone case. Once secured, use the tray travel to hang your phone using the other end of the napkin. Viola, you have a make-shift phone stand. A free and innovative solution!

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