Home Tips & Trends Singapore to Gradually Reopen Its Borders For Essential Travel
Home Tips & Trends Singapore to Gradually Reopen Its Borders For Essential Travel

Singapore to Gradually Reopen Its Borders For Essential Travel


Singapore is in the final stretch of Circuit Breaker in a bid to curb the virus outbreak. The total number of active Covid-19 cases stood at 18,407 as of 20 May 2020. While the republic has been experiencing a dramatic surge of Covid-19 infection from a large community of migrant workers, the authorities have ramped up its healthcare capacity and facilities to test and treat these workers. This also explains why you are seeing hundreds of confirmed cases reported daily as Singapore has been increasing its capacity to test the migrant workers.

Lower community transmission due to circuit breaker measures 

On the other hand, Singapore has reported lower community transmission among the general community (Singaporeans / Permanent residents). However, that doesn’t mean we can resume our pre-pandemic lifestyle after 1st June when the circuit breaker ends.

It is important to know that as of today, there are no anti-virals or vaccines available to protect against Covid-19. Although it has been reported there are 8 potential vaccines in the works, time is required for rounds of clinical testing to ensure safety and efficacy of the vaccines prior to being licensed.

Singapore will be reopening the country safely in three phases

People in Singapore are required to put on a mask and practise safe distancing even after Singapore exits circuit breaker period after 1st June. To prevent the second wave of infection, Singapore will be re-opening the country safely in three phases. It will take at least two to three months before we can regain some normalcy and treat ourselves to hotel staycations.

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Singapore will resume essential travel gradually among countries with low Covid-19 transmission rate 

For those who are worried about the risk of virus flaring up caused by imported cases, the Singapore Government is aware that the global situation remains ”volatile” therefore the reopening of borders will be “assessed and implemented separately from the timing of the three broad phases of re-opening“.

Singapore would eventually reopen its borders so that Singaporeans may conduct essential activities overseas and allow foreigners to enter or transit through the city-state safely. Currently, the Government is exploring the possibility of testing “green lane”, or fast-track immigration arrangement with several countries under which essential travel in limited numbers and with safeguards could be done safely.

When travel does begin again, it’s going to be different with new health safety protocols and system in place to ensure travellers feel safe and confident that their health is protected.


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