Ride the Beat: A Revamped Musical Night Time Experience of Sentosa Skyline Luge

Sentosa is home to many attractions, one of which is the Skyline Luge Singapore. It is a popular attraction amongst tourists and locals alike for the fun and thrilling activity but also the gorgeous city and sea views from the top of the chairlift every time when starting the ride.

Photo taken by Ethan Wang

The attraction has just recently expanded its attraction offerings with Ride the Beat, a nighttime Skyline Luge program that will be a permanent addition offering tourists and locals the chance to luge down at night in a new immersive experience, a combination of music, lights and action.

Photo taken by Ethan Wang

What is Ride the Beat?

Ride the Beat is a ‘musical extravaganza’ with monthly musical themes in addition to special guest DJ playlists that will light up the atmosphere while riding down the hill. Take a joyride on the newly neon-lit tracks which will be happening only every Friday and Saturday night from 7pm – 9pm. The original 2.6km track length is split across 4 different thrilling tracks. Riders are recommended to choose either between the Expedition Trail or Jungle Trail for the best musical experience while riding down the trail. The remaining two tracks are positioned further away from the lights and music and so is not recommended for the best experience.  

Photo taken by Ethan Wang

This weekly themed event attraction is a collaboration between Skyline Luge Singapore and AFTERLIFE by AIKO Collective, one of the newest event agencies to the local scene.

Out of the 4 different trails, the Dragon Trail was closed during our time there, and so we were only left with the Expedition, Jungle and Kupu Kupu Trails. The best trail to be fully immersed in this new nighttime experience is The Expedition Trail. The Expedition Trail is a straightforward track with it simply going downhill the entire way. The blue neon-lit track is the closest to the speakers and can be very loud at times while going down, however, you can get up to top speeds on this trail which some riders prefer. However, our favorite was the Jungle Trail. This track is lit up in a bright neon red ambiance. With it’s several twist and turns, it offers a great combination of adrenaline and the musical experience. The Kup Kup trail lit up a bright green and was sometimes too far away from the speakers to hear the music and did not have an impressive impression as the first other two trails gave. 

Wait, there’s more!

Ride the Beat is also currently collaborating with Shake Shack to give away special promotional deals from February 1st to 30th April 2024. Starting in the month of February, you can get a free box of cheese fries from Shake Shack with every purchase of Night Luge’s 3 Ride Combo.

Photo taken by Ethan Wang

Address: Imbiah Lookout 51 Cable Car Road, 45 Siloso Beach Walk Singapore 099003 

Tickets for this new experience can be found here: Activities, Attractions, Tours, and More | Changi Recommends

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