Find Your Ideal Getaway Tailored to Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

Travelling can be a deeply personal and transformative experience, often influenced by our traits, desires, and even the astrological signs under which we are born. In the year of the Dragon, according to Chinese astrology, each zodiac sign will find itself drawn to different types of destinations and travel experiences.


Individuals born in the year of the Rat thrive on intellectual stimulation and are inclined to explore destinations teeming with historical and academic riches.

Ideal destinations:

  • Oxford, England: Immerse in the rich academic history and explore the prestigious University of Oxford.
  • Vatican City: Venture into the heart of religious and artistic history at the world’s smallest sovereign state, housing an immense collection of artworks, manuscripts, and architectural masterpieces within the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica. Get your Omnia Rome and Vatican Pass for fast-track entry to the best attractions.
St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City


Those under the Ox sign appreciate relaxation and simplicity, favouring serene settings where they can unwind amidst nature’s splendour.

Ideal destinations:

  • Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia: Experience the tranquillity of nature along this scenic coastal route. With its iconic Twelve Apostles limestone stacks, lush rainforests, and charming beach towns, the Great Ocean Road offers a peaceful retreat with breathtaking natural landscapes. Enjoy a Great Ocean Road Full-Day Tour with this tour package.
  • Kanazawa, Japan: Enjoy the serene beauty of traditional gardens, shrines, and the tranquil Kenrokuen Garden, one of Japan’s “Three Great Gardens”.
Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia


If you are born in the year of the Tiger, you tend to possess a zest for adventure and excitement, often venturing into daring activities and remote areas.

Ideal destinations:

  • Queenstown, New Zealand: Embrace adventure with bungee jumping, skydiving, and jet boating in the world’s adventure capital. Experience the best of New Zealand with the best tour deals here.
  • Amazon Rainforest, Brazil: Explore the vast biodiversity and remote wilderness of the Amazon.
Queenstown, New Zealand


Rabbit folks seek comfort and romance, gravitating towards destinations that offer luxury and scenic beauty.

Ideal destinations:

  • Paris, France: Discover romance and luxury in the city of love, with its iconic Eiffel Tower and charming Montmartre. Get GoCity’s Paris All-Inclusive Pass here.
  • Bali, Indonesia: Rest and rejuvenate amidst Bali’s stunning natural beauty, from the tranquil beaches of Seminyak and Nusa Dua to the lush terraced rice fields of Ubud.
Paris, France


For those with the zodiac sign Dragon, you are inherently adventurous and are drawn to transformative journeys, sometimes to places of personal significance.

Ideal destinations:

  • Taiwan: Explore Taiwan from a spiritual perspective, where temples and sacred sites that blend Buddhist, Taoist, and local folk traditions can offer meaningful and transformative experiences. The island’s lush landscapes, from the misty mountains of Alishan to the tranquil Sun Moon Lake, provide a serene backdrop for contemplation and spiritual exploration. For a memorable experience, consider getting the Alishan tour package or Sun Moon Lake Getaway Bundle.
  • Sedona, Arizona, USA: Experience personal significance and transformation amidst the red sandstone formations and vortex meditation sites.
Alishan, Taiwan


People with the Snake as their Chinese star sign pursue wisdom and spiritual growth, attracted to locales celebrated for their mystical and historical relevance.

Ideal destinations:

  • Varanasi, India: Seek spiritual growth in one of the world’s oldest cities, known for its sacred ghats and spiritual ceremonies on the Ganges River.
  • Kyoto, Japan: Engage in Zen meditation sessions and visit ancient temples, embracing the city’s rich spiritual heritage. Kyoto tour deals are available here.
Kyoto, Japan


If you are born in the year of the Horse, you crave freedom and the thrill of exploration, preferring spontaneous adventures and the vastness of open spaces.

Ideal destinations:

  • Mongolia: Experience the freedom of the vast steppes and traditional nomadic lifestyle.
  • Switzerland: Discover the allure of Switzerland’s diverse landscapes, from the soaring Alps to serene lakes, as well as a network of hiking trails and ski resorts that provide ample opportunity for spontaneous adventures. Travel easily with The Swiss Travel Pass.
Alps, Switzerland


Goat people have an affinity for artistic and cultural enrichment, selecting destinations known for their art, music, and culinary delights.

Ideal destinations:

  • Florence, Italy: Immerse in the Renaissance art, architecture, and culinary delights of this historic city.
  • New Orleans, Louisiana, USA: Experience a fusion of art, music, and cuisine in the vibrant cultural melting pot of the Deep South. Ensure you have a New Orleans All-Inclusive Pass by Go City® for a smooth travel experience.
New Orleans


Monkey babes yearn for fun and social engagement, opting for vibrant cities brimming with lively entertainment.

Ideal destinations:

  • London, UK: Dive into the lively and diverse atmosphere of London. With its historic landmarks, vibrant arts scene, and multicultural neighbourhoods, London offers endless opportunities for fun. Visit top London attractions with The London Pass®.
  • Ibiza, Spain: Enjoy lively beaches, renowned nightclubs, and a vibrant social scene.
Tower Bridge, London


The zodiac sign Rooster prioritises efficiency and practicality in their travels, choosing well-organised trips with clear objectives.

Ideal destinations:

  • Singapore: Experience a well-organised city-state known for its efficiency, with a mix of cultures, gardens, and innovative architecture. Discover more of Singapore with the Singapore Tourist Pass Plus.
  • Copenhagen, Denmark: Explore a city known for its colourful waterfront buildings, cycling culture, and hygge lifestyle, offering a practical yet enriching experience.
Copenhagen, Denmark


Travellers born in the Year of the Dog seek meaningful experiences that foster personal reflection and connections with others.

Ideal destinations:

  • South Korea: Engage in temple visits or stays, such as those offered at Jogyesa or Haeinsa, or delve into South Korea’s rich heritage at the Korean Folk Village for interesting cultural exchange that can be both reflective and connective. Make your visit memorable with this tour package.
  • Bhutan: Discover the concept of Gross National Happiness with meaningful cultural experiences and connections with the local community.
Korean Folk Village


Finally, for those with the Pig sign, they have a strong desire for indulgence and luxury and are drawn to places that offer exquisite dining and opportunities for pampering.

Ideal destinations:

  • Yarra Valley, Australia: Explore Yarra Valley’s renowned wineries, where the art of winemaking meets culinary excellence. Enjoy premium wine tastings and gourmet meals in this lush, verdant region known for its scenic beauty and refined indulgences. Get the best experience with the Yarra Valley Winery Tour Package.
  • Maldives: Relax in overwater bungalows with world-class spas and underwater dining experiences.
Yarra Valley Winery

Apart from Chinese astrology, the Western zodiac also provides another interesting perspective on the best travel destinations for different signs. Check it out here.

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