12 Family-Friendly Activities You Can Do in Penang, Malaysia for under SGD$150 

Penang, a popular destination in Malaysia, offers a variety of attractions that make it a truly unique place to visit. 

Street art adorns the walls, while delicious and cheap hawker food can be easily found on every street. With its rich history, pristine beaches, and more, Penang has something for everyone! If all this sounds appealing, consider flying to Penang for a short holiday break!  

George Town, the capital of Penang Island, is located near the top of Malaysia, next to a coast. With colonial forts, Chinese ancestral clans, and temples built two world wars ago, there are so much to learn and experience in the capital city. 

Looking to experience Penang’s culture and flavours? Here are some tours that will give you the best value for your money.  

Family-Friendly Activities You Can Do in Penang

1. Penang City Tour

A city so rich in history as it is in culture, tradition, and diversity, hopping on a city tour will highlight its best features. With an experienced guide, they will show you Penang in its pure form, and they can answer any question you may have. 

Starting off where Penang first started, a jetty that early Chinese migrants settled in. Observe intricate stone carvings and woodworks of Khoo Kongsi, visit Wat Chaiyamangalaram, one of Asia’s largest Reclining Buddha, and sample local white coffee at Coffee Tree.  

Admission tickets are priced at SGD$73+ 

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2. Penang Hill And Temple Half Day Tour

Spend half a day at 2 of Penang’s best scenes, Penang hill and Kek Lok Si Buddhist Temple. Perched on the side of the hill, the largest Buddhist Temple in Southeast Asia, sits. Kek Lok Si Buddhist Temple is a must see while in Penang.

Don’t want to climb a hill? Penang Hill Railway will get you to the top, as well as gaining access to new scenic views. At the top, a cool and refreshing air and a bird’s eye view of George Town will greet you.  

Tickets costs SGD$64+ per pax

Get tickets for the Penang Hill and Temple Half Day Tour here!

3. Penang Hill Habitat Nature Walk with Lunch

As one of the last few virgin forests in Penang, this tour brings you on a nature walk excursion at The Habitat Penang Hill, a newly opened 1.6km nature trail marvelling at the habitat’s unique range of plants and animals. Enjoy fantastic views from the 230m long canopy walk and the highest viewing platform of Penang – The Tree Top Walk.   

Admissions for this tour is priced at SGD$103+

Get tickets to Penang Hill Habitat Nature Walk with Lunch!

4. George Town Heritage Tour 

Why is George Town named George Town, and why is it a UNESCO World Heritage Site? Take this tour to find out, discovering mansions with priceless antiques and artifacts, showcasing the assimilation of culture of the Malay and Chinese settlers.  

Admissions costs SGD$58+ per pax

Get tickets for George Town Heritage Tour here!

5. Penang Tropical Fruit Farm Tour with Fruit Tasting

South East Asia’s largest collection of fruits and plants, this tour brings you around 25 acres of land, giving you insights on hundreds of unique tropical and subtropical fruit trees. With breath taking views and a fruit tasting, discover something new to love. 

This tour costs SGD$58+ per pax

Get tickets to Penang Tropical Fruit Farm with Fruit Tasting here!

6. Penang War Museum and Colonial Museum Tour

A 1930s fort with a dark and brutal past, and an experience focused on the gorgeous lives of British colonists and wealthy merchants. Penang War Museum and Colonial Museum Tour presents experiences unique to Penang. Underground tunnels, bunkers, logistic centres, and an art collection of intricates and furniture of the colonial era. Come and see history in its pure form.    

Admission tickets costs SGD$73+ per pax

Get tickets for Penang War Museum and Colonial Museum Tour can be purchased here!

7. Penang Street Food Experience

Street food lovers gather at Penang as it is famously known for being the ‘Food Paradise of Asia’. Travel to all the popular food corners in a comfortable private tour, an experienced guide will introduce the dishes and assist to do the ordering. Savour your own choice of food for every meal.  

Tickets for this tour costs SGD$55+ per pax

Get tickets for Penang Food Street Experience here!

8. Street Arts of George Town from Penang

Murals, mimicking the life in the city, plastered along the walls of George Town, transforming the streetscape, and loved by many. Fall in love with the artists impressions of Penang, and understand the history that Penang used to live.  

Tickets for this tour costs SGD$82+ per pax

Get tickets to the Street Arts of George Town from Penang Tour!

9. Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm

15,000 free-flying butterflies, over 150 species of fauna and 200 species of flora, voted one of the best destinations in Penang, what else do you need to hear? Entopia is a butterfly farm with 2 worlds within, giving you a living outdoor garden and a indoor discovery centre. 

Admissions to the park are priced at SGD$17+

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10. Penang Tropical Spice Garden And Entopia Tour

Experience Penang’s natural side on a private trip to Tropical Spice Garden and Entopia Butterfly Farm. An educational journey teaching you the hidden stories from exotic flora and spices, and the living life of butterflies and its many colourful lives.   

Admission fee is priced at SGD$82+ per pax

Get tickets to Penang Tropical Spice Garden and Enopia Tour here!

11. Wonderfood Museum

Supersized Ice Kacang? Supersized Durians? Gigantic Replicas of Malaysia’s local flavours provides you with an in-depth understanding of the foods around there. This museum represents the unique Malaysian culture, teaching visitors about histories, arts, and the lives of Malaysians in this new spin.   

Ticket to Wonderfood Museum is priced at SGD$10+ per pax

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12. Street of Harmony Walking Tour 

What does a Church, a Taoist Temple, a Hindu Temple, an Arab-Indian Mosque, and a Chinese Ancestral Clan have in common? It all stays within a 1km perimeter in Penang! In this walking tour, you will have an insider’s glimpse into the history and culture of George Town, seeing all the faiths in harmony with each other in this tiny area.  

Tickets for this tour costs SGD$64+ per pax

Get tickets to the Street of Harmony Walking Tour here!

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