How to Get to Penang from Singapore

Penang is a vibrant multi-cultural state. George Town, the capital of Penang is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is one of Malaysia’s top tourist destinations. Tourists flock to this unique state to experience a diverse plethora of cuisines and street food, and many attractive spots to keep you in awe.

Thinking of exploring Penang? We’ve got you covered. Here is a quick guide on how to get to Penang from Singapore.

By Plane

The most popular way of travelling to Penang from Singapore would be by a plane. The direct flight from Changi Airport (SIN) to Penang (PEN) takes approximately 1h 20mins. You can find tickets starting from around S$100.

By Car

Of course, you can drive up to Penang. The non-stop direct drive takes 8h 39mins according to Google Maps. Realistically, the journey there will take anywhere from 9 – 12 hours depending on traffic conditions and number of stops along the way.

By Express Coach

You can also travel to Penang by coach. Depending on traffic conditions, your journey would take around 10 hours. There are most likely stops for meal and washroom breaks along the way. The trip will cost you around S$50 – S$60. This is a good option if you want a comfortable and affordable overnight journey to Penang.

By Train

Lastly, you can travel to Penang by train. Unfortunately, there are no direct trains from Singapore to Penang as of now. A peaceful and scenic choice, this is a great option for anyone looking for a peaceful and comfortable journey.

Starting June 19 2022, the KTM train, a.k.a Shuttle Tebrau, will resume its services. (Pricing and more details here)

You can take the KTM train from Woodlands CIQ to JB Sentral. The train ride takes roughly 5 min. It costs S$5 for a ticket.

At JB Sentral, there is a train service called KTM Intercity which you can take to Gemas. The train ride to Gemas takes roughly 4 hours 20 min. There are multiple ticket classes available, with tickets starting from RM21 for Economy Class. Intercity even has Sleep Cabins with beds for those looking to travel overnight.

At Gemas, you can take the ETS to Butterworth. Do note that there is only 1 train (ETS #9322) from Gemas to Butterworth daily at 3.20pm. The train journey takes an estimate of 7 hours. Like Intercity, there are multiple types of tickets, with prices starting from RM79.

You can find more information on the trains here. Tickets for Intercity/ETS can be purchased here.

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