How To Get To Jeju from Seoul

Jeju’s beautiful landscapes and delectable cuisine are just among the many reasons why the island is such a popular tourist destination. From morning hikes to café hopping, there are many ways to appreciate the beauty of Jeju.

If you’re planning to travel to Jeju from Seoul, there are actually a couple of options other than taking a plane. If you have time to spare, a more interesting way to travel to Jeju is by taking a train down to a port city and take a ferry!

By Plane

The fastest way to get to Jeju from Seoul is by taking a flight. There are many flights from Gimpo International (GMP) to Jeju International Airport (CJU) daily. The journey takes an approximate of 1 hour 10 minutes.

Ticket pricing starts from S$105 for a return ticket.

If you’re coming from Singapore, good news! You can now scoot to Jeju.

By Train + Ferry

Map by Chugun

Another way to get to Jeju from Seoul is by Train and Ferry. From Seoul, you can catch KTX to Makpo, Busan or Yeosu before catching a ferry to Jeju. It is advisable to book online as it is not guaranteed there are availabilities on the day itself.

For all KTX trains, there are 2 types of ticket class, which are First Class and Economy Class.


Seoul To Mokpo

There are multiple trains a day to catch. The journey to Mokpo from Seoul takes 2h 30mins. There are Economy and Business class tickets available.

Tickets start from S$73 for an Economy Class seat and S$106 for a Business Class seat.

Ferries are available at Mokpo Passenger Terminal. To Jeju, you can take the Santa Luchino or Queen Mary, which are operated by Seaworld Express Ferry. The Queen Merry is faster, taking 4 hours while Santa Luchino takes 5 hours 30 minutes to reach Jeju.

The Queen Mary operates daily (except 1st and 3rd Mondays) and departs at 9am. Santa Luchino operates daily (except on Sundays, 2nd and 4th Mondays) Tickets costs around W32,300 ~ W62,000 (approx. S$34.55 ~ S$66.33).


Seoul to Busan

Alternatively, you can travel from Seoul to Busan before catching a ferry to Jeju. The KTX to Busan takes about 2h 40min.

Busan is another popular tourist destination. You can always go sightseeing in Busan before taking an overnight ferry to Jeju.

In Busan, you can catch a ferry to Jeju from Busan Port International Passenger Terminal. The ferry to Jeju is called New Star and is operated by MS Ferry. It is an overnight Ferry to Jeju, departing at 7:00pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. It is an 11 hour long journey so you will reach Jeju at 6.00am.

Tickets costs around W51,500 ~ W76,500 (approx. S$55.20 ~ S$82.00).


Seoul to Yeosu

You can also catch a ferry to Jeju from Yeosu.

To get to Yeosu, take the KTX from Seoul to Yeosu-Expo. The train journeys takes approximately 3 hours.

At Yeosu-Expo, You can board the Gold Stella, a ferry operated by Hanil Express. The ferry from Yeosu to Busan takes 5 hours 20 minutes. It operates every Monday through Saturday and departs at 1:20pm.

Tickets costs W47,500 ~ W64,750 (approx. S$50.90 ~ S$69.40).

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