The Most Convenient WiFi Router Rental (2022) – ChangiWiFi vs Traveler Wifi and more

When travelling, one of the most important things is having access to the internet. This can be for working, staying in touch with family and friends, or simply finding your way around. And what’s even better is not having to worry about data roaming charges!

In this article, we will compare popular travel WiFi router rental options available in Singapore: ChangiWiFi, Y5 Buddy, and Traveler Wifi.



ChangiWiFi daily rental rate is as low as $3.70 per day* and they often have promo codes to give you the best value. Plus, if you’re looking for convenience, ChangiWiFi is the way to go. You can pick up and drop off the router at the airport, so you don’t have to worry about collection fees. The routers are also easy to use.

*South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan

  • FREE Pick up and return at the airport
  • Home courier service is available with delivery charges
  • Easy to use, pre-configured router

Traveler Wifi 

Traveler Wifi offers delivery ($18 for location at Singapore mainland (additional surcharge for location at Sentosa island) and self-pickup at many locations in Singapore, such as hotels and MRT stations. Currently, Traveler Wifi charged a flat fee of $10 per day regardless of the destination. The wifi router can be used worldwide.

  • Two-way delivery and collection service islandwide
  • Wifi router can be used worldwide

Y5 Buddy

Y5 Buddy has unlimited data roaming to over 100 countries. Their prices vary according to the region you’re travelling to. For instance, if you’re travelling to South Korea, it would be from $5 per day. Y5 Buddy allows users to arrange for self-collection or 1-way courier ($7 charge per way).

  • 1-way courier
  • Over 100 countries covered

WiFi routers are great for travelling because they offer unlimited data. You can use up to 1GB in no time with your favourite apps or upload photos and videos to social media without worrying about running out of juice! Plus, you only need one device that’s shared among 5-6 people which makes it more affordable too!


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