Home Tips & Trends Discoverist’s Long Weekend Guide For 2020
Home Tips & Trends Discoverist’s Long Weekend Guide For 2020

Discoverist’s Long Weekend Guide For 2020


The year has just begun but it’s never too early to start planning for your holidays. We’ve only got a finite number of leaves so it’s important we learn how to finesse around the scattering of public holidays and long weekends throughout the year.

The good news is that the long weekends are pretty spread out across the year, so if you plan properly, there’s a chance for you to be jet-setting every two months or so without having to take no-pay leave.

Well, without further ado, here’s our rundown on how to maximise the seven to eight long weekends you’ll get this 2020!

Chinese New Year (25th – 26th January 2020)

As fun as Chinese New Year can be, with all the goodies and ang baos (red packets), it often comes with badgering of incessant questions from your relatives, and that can sometimes be annoying.

You’re in luck as Chinese New Year this year takes place over the weekend on 25th and 26th of January, which means that the Monday after will be a holiday as well. An option would be to apply for a day of leave on the 24th and enjoy a four-day overseas trip with only one day of leave used.

You can go island hopping around Phuket, shopping and bar hopping in Bali, or visit historical sites in Siem Reap, Cambodia. These places are relatively close to Singapore that you won’t have to break the bank, giving you a nice short getaway during Chinese New Year.

It would be good to avoid places like Malaysia, China, Taiwan, and even Hong Kong as many will be returning home and flight prices can be sky high to these places.

Good Friday (April 10)

When April rolls around, it means that Spring is here, and so is Good Friday.

Happening on April 10, you can easily stretch the 3-day break into a 4-day one with another day of leave (either on April 9 or April 13). This is also an incredible time to escape the hot and humid climate of Singapore as Spring provides a nice cool all-around temperature, slightly warming out of the winter cold.

Taiwan is a highly recommended place to go during Spring, a place that not many know have their own sakura season as well. Cherry Blossoms in Taiwan actually bloom quite a bit earlier than Korea or Japan, so early April actually presents the best period if you want to catch some Cherry Blossoms. Yang Ming Shan in Taipei will host its yearly Cherry Blossom Flower Festival, giving you an excellent chance to revel in the beauty of Taiwan’s sakura.

Labour Day & Vesak Day (May 1 and May 7)

Now the Labour Day break sort of coincides with Vesak Day, which will score you perhaps one of the longest breaks of the year. And I’d say it’s one of the best times to take that long-awaited trip out of Asia.

Labour Day falls on May 1 while Vesak Day happens to be on May 7. With a mere five days separating the two holidays, employ four strategic days of leave and you can turn a long weekend into a whopping 10 days of a getaway. With the potential of having more than a week off, you should start looking further out.

While you could totally spend an amazing time in Japan or even the Fiji Islands where you can snorkel with manta rays, I’d say there’s no better time than to pick a city in Europe to wander around and be amazed. From the colourful streets of Barcelona to the hallowed and beautiful architecture of France, it’s the perfect time to whisk you and your loved ones away to a fantasy holiday in Europe.

Hari Raya Puasa (May 24)

Hari Raya falls on a Sunday this year which means that the next day will be an off-in-lieu.

Assuming you’ve splurged at the beginning of the month, we’d suggest somewhere far more affordable like Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi in Vietnam without compromising on comfort and experience.

The latter would provide a nice break from the typical buzzing cityscape for some rest and rejuvenation. Steeped in culture and tradition, Hanoi has enough mountains and lush greenery to entice nature lovers, and being further up north, the weather has a cooling average of about 24°C.

We don’t recommend Muslim countries like Indonesia and Malaysia as the Hari Raya festivities could result in the closure of quite a number of shops.

Hari Raya Haji & National Day (July 31 and August 9)

This would be yet another potential opportunity to have a good long break. By themselves, both Hari Raya Haji and National Day are long weekends, but invest 5 days of leave and you’ll get to reap a total of 11 days off.

It’s time for another long trip and perhaps America might be one for you to consider. Venture up and down the electrifying western coast of California or take a trip to the magical Disney World in Orlando.

If you want an off-the-beaten path destination, Morocco or Mongolia might do the trick for you. Both places are culturally rich and incredibly beautiful, hidden gems that are just waiting for you to discover.

You’ve been toiling for the better two thirds of the year, it’s time to treat yourself to a nice vacation.

Deepavali (November 14)

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It’s mid-November and holiday season (and mood) is upon us. Lucky for all of us, a long weekend potentially awaits.

Deepavali falls on a Saturday this year, and the following Monday should be an off-in-lieu. So, you’re potentially looking at another long weekend before the end of the year is done.

Top up a day or two’s worth of leave, and you’re looking at a nice three-to-four-day break. Now, seeing as expenditure is most likely to spike up during December, a short trip to neighbouring Malaysia is best. Whether it’s for the street art and food of Penang or the Instagrammable cafes of Johor Bahru, Malaysia might just be what you need before Christmas comes calling.

Christmas & New Year’s (December 25 and January 1)

Christmas this year falls on a Friday which also means it’s prime time to capitalise on the long weekend. And if you still have a couple of days left, then you can actually tie in with New Year’s Day to make a banging trip to close the year.

A five-day leave (24th, 28th-31st) could net you another long break of some 11 days and there are many places you can choose to go. You can revel in the Japanese tradition of eating KFC during Christmas or attend any one of the special snow festivals that only happen this time of year such as in Hokkaido.

For a more traditional experience, fly to Germany or Finland where the Christmas magic truly abounds. From classic Christmas markets to the Santa Claus Village, there’re few better places to spend Christmas.

Top photo by Matt Popovich on Unsplash


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