Changi Recommends Launches First Travel SIM Card in Singapore

Travel with Data in a breeze!

With Changi Recommends’ Travel SIM card, you can travel to multiple destinations instead of purchasing one everywhere you go. Reuse this Travel SIM card at no additional cost for your next destination and top-up wherever you go as needed. Hassle-free with no contract, experience convenience at your fingertips with Changi Recommends’ Travel SIM!

How do I use the Travel SIM Card?

It’s a very fast and simple process. Order online on Changi Recommends’ Website. You can either opt for Home Delivery or Self-collect at any of Changi Recommends’ counters. Once you get your hands on it, insert and activate the travel SIM and you’re ready to go!

Use Promo Code <ISIM9OFF> for an extra 9% off!

What Countries Can I use the Travel SIM in? 

You can use it in these countries below:


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