Japan’s Sensational Cake in a Can is Now Available in Vending Machines in Suntec City

Anytime is a good time for cake and living by that mantra is Okashi Gaku who not only believes in it but is making it a reality for cake-lovers everywhere with its first-of-its-kind cake in a can!

L – R: Mango & Passionfruit, Rhubarb, Strawberry Shortcake, Tiramisu, and Strawberry Fuwa Cans

Established in Japan late last year, these indulgent canned cakes have since taken Japan by storm with its colourful and striking photos splashed all over social media. With machines across Sapporo, Osaka, and Tokyo, Okashi Gaku is now launching right here in sunny Singapore from a vending machine debuting in Suntec City so you can now literally eat parfait from a can, anytime anywhere, while on the go!

A sweet sensation by Masters of Innovation – GAKU

Founded in Hokkaido in 2006, GAKU is famed for crafting great sweet delights with unique flavours and designs yet seen anywhere else. After the success of their late-night parfait store Parfaiteria Bel, GAKU launched a specialized cake store named Okashi Gaku, where the idea of selling cakes in drinking cans via vending machines came about. This simple idea spawned the release of the OG: Strawberry Shortcake 3 months later in Japan mid-2021!

Each of Okashi Gaku’s canned cakes are carefully handmade and imported from Japan to stay true to authenticity and taste. In the vending machine, they are stored at a controlled temperature of 0 – 3 Degrees Celsius to keep fresh and are restocked weekly. Upon purchase and dispense from the machine, the cakes can be kept refrigerated for up to a week.

Savour Okashi Gaku’s famous canned cake offerings

Cake and dessert have never been so convenient and cute than with Okashi Gaku’s Shortcake Cans, Fuwa Cans and Egg Pudding Cans!

Okashi Gaku’s best seller – Strawberry Shortcake

The Shortcake Cans ($11.80) layers fluffy chiffon cake with whipped cream churned from whole fresh milk and halved fresh strawberries from Hokkaido. More fresh strawberry chunks and puree sit in between the layers for juicy sweetness that is hard to beat.

Fuwa Cans

The Fuwa Cans ($8.80 – $9.80) borrows its name from the Japanese word for fluffy, presenting chiffon cake layered with cream, fruit jelly, fruit puree and fruit jam. Take your pick from flavours of Strawberry ($9.80) and Mango & Passionfruit ($9.80). Singapore’s exclusives feature three new flavours: Matcha ($8.80), Mango & Chocolate ($9.80) and Tiramisu ($8.80).

Egg Pudding Cans

The Egg Pudding Cans ($5.80) is a light as air sweet pudding, rich in flavour from milk, egg, sugar, fresh cream, vanilla beans and vanilla paste, promising satisfaction like no other!

Pay, Vend and Go

Meeting Singapore from a vending machine in Suntec City, Okashi Gaku’s cakes can be purchased with debit and credit card, NETS, PayWave and all forms of digital payment systems including UnionPay, GrabPay, SamsungPay, Wechat, AliPay and PayNow. Just select your preferred can, pay and have your treat dispensed to you for quick, easy, and satisfying enjoyment!

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