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Art Meets Nature at Kuala Lumpur’s Newest Shopping Mall


KUALA LUMPUR – Located between the always-bustling Jalan Ampang and Jalan Tun Razak, lies a new two-storey structure seemingly borne of colourful hues and gorgeous interactive art installations. This 130,000 sq ft mall is looking to be the next lepak spot for Malaysians looking to spice up their Instagram feed.

Image by lollipop_market via Instagram

Sporting a huge signage spelling out the letters L, I, N, and C in colourful shades, The LINC KL is the latest instalment in the Klang Valley region’s ever-growing range of malls and retail centres.

In a digital-default world where everyone is a member of the ‘Internet’ club, there need to be more incentives for us to take the extra step to visit a mall.

And we’re here to tell you KL’s latest shopping mall is out to take your shopping mall experience up a notch, artfully.

At a glance, the LINC KL does resemble many of the myriads of “trendy” malls in KL. But make no mistake about it, the mall has its own distinct characteristics which will set it apart from the rest.

The Vivid IG-worthy Interior

Image by linckl via Instagram

What really makes the LINC KL standout are the artworks that breathe life into the interior and the surrounding area of the mall. As you walk through the mall, you’ll find beautiful artworks displayed proudly as part of its interior design.

Image by linckl via Instagram

Some of these artworks include a floral-inspired piece (Tropical Floral) and even a collage of lightbulbs donned in hand-knitted soft merino woollen sleeves (Luna Lights) hanging above a colourful staircase.

Image by linckl via Instagram

Here are some other notable and pretty (and Instagrammable!) art installation features.

The Owl

Image by thelinckl via Instagram

As its namesake implies, this artwork is a giant acrylic masterpiece featuring an owl in the form of a colourful polygon vector image. The owl motif is adorably set up in such a way that it’s facing a tree — thus resembling a real owl nesting between the branches.

Image by thelinckl via Instagram

This giant owl mural makes for the perfect vibrant backdrop for any shot for your IG posts. And the vibrant colours contrasting with the greenery of the mall’s courtyard does make it stand out even further.


Image by sheismichelletan via Instagram

If you’ve folded paper cranes/doves before, you’d know that a single one takes a bit of time to finish. Now imagine folding more than 40,000 paper doves. Talk about dedication!

This is what the vivid dove installation is essentially about — good vibes.  This installation features a gorgeous collection of 41,600 soaring doves in 40 different colours resembling a giant rainbow.

Image by lollipop_market via Instagram

The doves are meant to symbolize peace, love, harmony, and unity and were put together in six months. And judging from the final product, the work put in to complete the origami piece was indeed worth the effort.

Image by hirot0909 via Instagram

Rainbow Steps

Image by farrisjusof via Instagram

Unlike the grim and gloomy set of stairs found in the Bronx recently made famous by a certain criminal clown, this installation is filled to the brim with colour.

Image by eekhor via Instagram

Who would have thought that a simple flight of stairs could be so fun by injecting some colour into them?

The rainbow-tinted steps become more apparent as you walk up to them. And as an added bonus, works particularly well as a vibrant and IG-able backdrop.

Nature Lovers’ Paradise

Image by thelinckl via Instagram

Other than its wonderful art installations, the LINC will also appeal to nature lovers and tree huggers alike with its lush greenery and environmental conservation efforts.

You’ll definitely want to head to the courtyard to catch a glimpse of their 100-year-old Bodhi tree. Specifically, we’d suggest heading to the LINC KL’s balcony area overlooking the courtyard which is a good spot for some photos.

Otherwise, the environmental-friendly mall does live up to its name by promoting conservation and sustainability. One of the retail outlets, Pasu Crafted, is a plant boutique that sells stylish greenery and rare collectible plants to enliven indoor spaces.

As for community events, the LINC KL does organize workshops at the centre courtyard from time to time in partnership with PurpoSE Malaysia. You’ll be able to browse through the selection of pop-ups or even get involved in the activities for an enjoyable weekend break!

Image by pasugram via Instagram
Image by pasugram via Instagram
360, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur

Opening Hours
10 am to 10 pm daily


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