Sentosa Sensoryscape: Immerse your Senses in Adventure, Illumination and Natural Beauty

A very important milestone has been reached with the newest attraction in Sentosa, Sentosa Sensoryscape. This is the first key milestone of many that make up the Sentosa-Brani Masterplan connecting guests from Resorts World Sentosa in the north to Sentosa’s famous beaches in the south by an immersive, multi-sensory experience. This project aims to increase the thoroughfare’s capacity and offer guests a unique and inspiring experience as they explore around Sentosa.

Scented Sphere at Sentosa Sensoryscape. Photo Taken From Sentosa Development Corporation.

This multi-sensory walkway spans across 30,000 square meters, showcasing more of the island and natural flora and fauna to guests. Sensoryscape is a 350m verdant connector, home to a diverse range of sensory gardens that is a mix of nature, architecture and technology to touch all six senses.

Attractions along the Sensoryscape walkway to look out for are Lookout Loop, Tactile Trellis, Scented Sphere, Symphony Streams, Palate Playground, and Glow Garden. Each area provides new immersive audio and visual experiences, to inspire and delight for guests.

Glow Garden at Sentosa Sensoryscape. Photo Taken From Sentosa Development Corporation.

During dusk into nightfall, the walkway transforms into a night-time spectacle where guests are surrounded by nature-inspired soundscape with digital art and augmented reality. The environments come alive through augmented reality digital floor projections, to light beam dances. The ImagiNite experience is exclusive to Southeast Asia and harmoniously fuses the tangible with the virtual. Guests are able to better their ImagiNite experience through the experience provided through the ImagiNite mobile application.

Sentosa Sensoryscape will open to the public on Thursday the 14th of March 2024 and it will be open daily with ImagiNite experiences starting every night from 7:50PM.

Map of Sentosa Sensoryscape. Photo Taken From Sentosa.

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