Kamome Bakery Debuts Limited Edition Spring Sakura Series At It’s New Bukit Timah Outlet

Japanese Bakery Kamome Bakery, best known in Paragon to commonly sell out it’s Milk Cream and Hotdog Bun has now opened it’s second bakery outlet in Bukit Timah. With this new outlet, prepare for a brand new launch of their Spring Sakura Series that coincides with the Japanese spring sakura season. The four new mouthwatering items that Kamome Bakery is launching are all made with limited edition special sakura ingredients to create that spring and floral flavours that reminds you so much of being back in Japan.

From now 1st April to 14th April 2024, feast your eyes and stomach on Kamome’s new spring line up for only 2 weeks! These are the Sakura Mochi Croissant, the Sakura Red Bean Butter, the Matcha Ganache, and the Yomogi Mochi Bun.

Kamome Bakery Bukit Timah Outlet. Photo Taken From Kamome Bakery.

Sakura Mochi Croissant

Photo Taken From Kamome Bakery.

A classic croissant with Sakura bean paste before blanketing all of it with a strip of QQ mochi. This sweet treat is sure to fill your stomach with the sweetness and bitter notes of matcha complemented by the soft plushy texture of the warabimochi. This is the most expensive item of this limited edition spring menu launch priced at S$7.00.

Sakura Red Bean Butter

Photo Taken From Kamome Bakery.

This pastry is a Japanese red bean paste coupled with a seasonal Sakura bean paste, then topped with the signature slice of butter for a rich finish. This pastry is great for those who love a mix of sweet and savoury in their snacks and comes in at S$4.00.

Matcha Ganache

Photo Taken From Kamome Bakery.

This pastry is perfect for all matcha lovers with matcha throughout this snack. Loaded with matcha crumble, matcha ganache and matcha powder, this pastry is topped off with a sprinkle of yuzu shavings. A perfect, not too sweet but just enough sweetness for it not to be overpowered by the generosity of matcha used in this recipe. This item is priced at S$4.50.

Yomogi Mochi Bun

Photo Taken From Kamome Bakery.

The Yomogi Mochi Bun uses an aromatic Japanese mugwort powder mixed into signature dough and filled with QQ mochi & Japanese red bean paste. These buns are priced at S$4.20.

Regular Menu

Kamome Bakery Best Selling Items. Photo Taken From Kamome Bakery.

Besides their limited edition Sakura Series Menu, Kamome Bakery is also well known amongst regulars for their (from left to right) Red Bean and Butter Buns, Kamome Toast and Milk Cream. In addition to complement their regular menu, they often have themed series of items such as their Chinese New Year Cookies for Chinese New Year, their Strawberry series and now, their Sakura Series.

Their Milk Cream bun is pastry filled with a velvety milk cream encased in a soft, pillowy bun that Kamome breads are known for. Their Red Bean and Butter Buns use the same bread with red bean filling topped off with milk cream.

Kamome Bakery’s two outlets are at Paragon and Bukit Timah.


Operating Hours: 8:30AM – 9:00PM

Address: 290 Orchard Rd, B1-K27 Paragon, Singapore 238859

Bukit Timah

Operating Hours: 8:30AM – 5:30PM

Address: 913 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 589623

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