5 Water Sports in Singapore to Beat That Notorious Heat

WATER SPORTS – The equatorial heat is certainly no joke, with many Singaporeans attesting to the hot and humid nature as a bane of their existence. I hazard a guess that the reason why so many malls are packed full of people is because of the wondrous full pumping of air conditioning, truly an underrated invention.  

With the overbearing heat that is known to come down upon Singapore, it can get quite hot to do sports outside, another reason perhaps why gym memberships have seen a rise in signups.  

But what if there’s a way to keep yourself fit and cool in this weather? Many of you I’m sure have heard of kayaking in Singapore, but here are 5 unique water sport activities that you can do to beat the infamous heat in the Little Red Dot.  

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1. Stand-Up Paddling

We start off with what perhaps is the most chill of the activities, though it is intensive in its own right Stand-Up Paddling or SUP.  

Stand-up Paddling is as its name implies, is where you’ll find yourself standing upright on an oversized paddle board trying to stay balanced and navigate the waters by paddling. While Stand-Up Paddling seems to pale in intensity in comparison to the other water sports available, don’t overlook its ability to build strength, endurance, and balance.  

Especially over the rather calm Singapore waters, Stand-up Paddling is great even for kids and the whole family, so skip the water theme parks and try out Stand-up Paddling. There are a few places to check out: the Stand Up Paddling School and Ola Beach Club over at Sentosa, along with Aloha Sea Sports along the East Coast Lagoon. 

Photo by olabeachclubsg via Instagram.

2. Fly Boarding

Fly Boarding has got to be one of the coolest activities ever, and the closest you can get to the feeling of flying around with a jet pack.  

This heart-pumping and high-octane activity will propel you some 30m up into the air by way of jet packs strapped to you bag or jet blades attached at the soles of your feet. Whether you are going alone or with your friends, fly boarding is a cool way to beat the heat and get your heart racing to boot. 

Defy gravity with either the Jet Pack or Jet Blade with Ola Beach Club over at Sentosa. I’m not much of a water sport person, but even I got to admit that that’s pretty cool. 

Photo by ridewithptw via Instagram.

3. Wakeboarding

Yet another high-adrenaline activity, wakeboarding is an absolute joy of a sport for anyone who loves to feel the rush of the wind as you zip across the water while being towed by a high-speed craft. 

Available at the Singapore Wake Park at East Coast, a trip there will have you chancing upon experienced wakeboarders zooming through obstacles in the air. Don’t fret though because there are various courses available starting from beginner levels that are suitable for all ages! Equipment such as helmets, vests, wakeboards, and kneeboards are all provided, so all you need to do is show up and hang on for dear life, I mean have fun.  

Photo by singaporesailingteam via Instagram.

4. Wind Surfing

If surfing and sailing had a child, it would be wind surfingRelying on the element of wind for movement like sailing and adopting the nimbleness, flexibility, and stunts of surfing, wind surfing presents the best of both worlds.  

Constant Wind at NSRCC Sea Sports Centre is where enthusiasts flock to get their windsurfing adrenaline fix. Like the previous water sport activities, beginner courses are available so it’s perfect for the whole family. The folks at Constant Wind are veteran coaches who have hosted large scale events such as the Singapore Open Windsurfing Championship so you know you’re definitely in good hands.  

Photo by adventurewanderings via Instagram.

5. Sailing

Here’s your chance to sail the seven seas and establish your name in the hallowed hall of pirates. If you’d always wondered what it was like to conquer the vast seas, sailing would be right up your alley.

The Singapore Sailing Federation operates out of the East Coast beach, with classes that will teach you how to rig and de-rig a sail boat along with the fundamentals of tying sailing knots and foundational understanding of tides and currents.  

The roaring sea life may not be for everyone however, and some may prefer a relaxing time on a sailboat. Enter DBS bthe Bay where you can rent sailboats and slowly cruise down along Marina Bay with the iconic Marina Bay Sands as your background. 

Photo by Steven Welch on Unsplash

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