Explore the Natural Wonders of Seoul in These Exciting Ways

If you want a back-to-nature adventure in Korea, Seoul offers plenty of options! A city that seamlessly blends modernity with tradition and nature with technology, Seoul is also home to beautiful natural wonders that are waiting to be explored. So whether you’re a seasoned hiker or simply looking for a leisurely stroll, there’s something for everyone. Here are our top recommendations for experiencing the best natural wonders in Seoul.

Light and Easy Outdoor Adventure
For those who wish to connect with nature without overexerting themselves, Seoul has many attractions that can be enjoyed at a leisurely pace. These spots are also especially enjoyable for families with young kids.

Nami Island
This island is breathtaking, with stunning tree-lined roads inviting exploration at your own pace. As the filming location for the popular Korean drama “Winter Sonata,” Nami Island boasts picturesque landscapes that are sure to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of drama enthusiasts.

Petite France
A charming, colourful village that oozes French vibes, this village is a favourite among drama and variety show creators, having been featured in popular shows such as “Beethoven Virus,” “Secret Garden,” and “Running Man.” Don’t miss out on taking some picture-perfect shots of the village during your visit.

Italian Village
As one of the newest tourist attractions in the area, this charming village offers a warm Italian ambience – you’d feel as if you’re strolling through the streets of Rome.

Garden of Morning Calm
The Garden of Morning Calm is a must-visit location for those seeking a peaceful retreat. As the oldest private garden in Korea, it attracts a diverse range of visitors, including families, couples, friends, and photographers. With various festivals held throughout the year, this garden is a sight to behold every season.

Gangchon Rail Bike
Embark on a serene rail bike track through the beautiful countryside. The trail at Gangchon is built on an old train track and provides a unique experience for connecting with nature while spending quality time with friends and family.

Hyvaa Finland with Play Jungle
This charming sheep ranch is a delightful destination for children and animal lovers. Here, you can engage with adorable animals, including rabbits, turtles, lizards, and alpacas. Make the most of this unique opportunity to feed and pet these lovely animals while capturing some picture-perfect moments at the photo zone.

Alpaca World
Alpaca World, the largest alpaca ranch in Korea, is a hidden gem located in the mountainous province of Gangwon-do, just outside of Seoul. Since opening its doors in 2017, it has become a haven for alpaca enthusiasts and a fantastic destination for families seeking an unforgettable bonding experience. With more than 20 adorable alpacas calling this farm home, Alpaca World will surely delight visitors of all ages.

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Mountain Trails and Parks
Whether you are an experienced or amateur hiker, Bukhansan National Park is an amazing place to explore nature, challenge yourself, and enjoy breathtaking views. Located at one of the highest mountains in Seoul, the park has some of the most popular hiking trails around and is home to almost 1,300 animal species and plants. Here are some of the best trails to try:

Obong Course
This hiking trail takes you to the Songchu Waterfall by passing Dobongsan Mountain. It’s a scenic experience that takes two hours to complete and has some minimal slopes.

Daenammun Course
This is a great hiking course for beginners or those hiking for the first time. It has a long trail that takes about three hours to complete. However, you will enjoy the gentle slopes and easy routes with beautiful and scenic views along the way.

Baegundae Peak
If you’re up for a challenge and love beautiful scenery, a hike to Baegundae Peak at Bukhansan National Park will be a fantastic experience. At 2,744 feet high, it’s the park’s highest peak and offers stunning panoramic views. The climb takes about two hours and follows a picturesque route alongside a creek. The trail also comprises a wide boardwalk with stairs and handrails, making it easy for hikers of all levels.

Where Culture and Nature Meet
Korea is a land of amazing landscapes and ancient traditions, and there’s no better way to experience both than by immersing yourself in the country’s art and culture amidst nature.

Pocheon Art Valley
Pocheon Art Valley is a former quarry that has been transformed into a beautiful cultural space. There are several attractions in Pocheon Art Valley, including the Herb Island, Art Valley Lake, and the Museum of Modern Art. Visitors can also enjoy various outdoor activities such as zip-lining, trekking, and kayaking while admiring the beautiful natural scenery.

Herb Island
With over 250 different types of plants and herbs, this garden stays green all year round. Check out the indoor and outdoor exhibitions at the Herb Garden.

Apple Farm
If you’re in the mood for some delicious organic apples, head over to the Apple Farm! You can pick your own apples and enjoy fresh apple juice and bread. Yum!

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Korean Folk Village
This open-air museum, located in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, showcases the daily life of Koreans during the late Joseon period. It’s a favourite destination for locals and international visitors, offering a glimpse into the past through its buildings, performances, and more.

Suwon Hwaseong
Suwon Hwaseong is another fascinating spot for history buffs. This UNESCO World Heritage site in Suwon was built in the late 18th century as a fortress and palace complex. The 6-kilometre-long fortress walls feature four gates and numerous watchtowers where you can explore the palace buildings and enjoy cultural events within the site.

Suwon Nammun Market
Finally, if you’re looking for an authentic Korean market experience, do visit Suwon Nammun Market. This bustling traditional market, one of the largest and oldest in South Korea, has been around since the Joseon Dynasty. It’s conveniently located near the Hwaseong Fortress, making it a great addition to your historical sightseeing itinerary.

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