Top Travel Data Options: How to Choose One That Suits Your Travelling Needs 

Unsure whether you should get a SIM card, eSIM or WiFi router to stay connected on your trip? Changi Recommends has got all three available, and we’re here to help you decide which would best fit your itinerary!

Changi Recommends’ suite of travel data products offers easy and reliable connectivity solutions to keep you connected whether you’re travelling for business or leisure. And with our handy guide below, selecting the perfect travel data option for your needs has never been easier.

ChangiWiFi: Stay Connected with Unlimited Data
Say hello to ChangiWiFi – your ultimate travel buddy! With lightning-fast WiFi data, you can stay connected and never miss a beat on your adventures.

One of the coolest features of ChangiWiFi is the ability to share unlimited 4G data for up to five devices. This means you and your friends or family members can stay connected and share the fun together, no matter where your travels take you.

ChangiWiFi also ensures a seamless streaming experience as you scroll through social media, watch videos, listen to music, and stay up-to-date with all the latest happenings. And best of all, it works with all mobile devices, so you can stay connected no matter what phone or tablet you have.

To top that all off, ChangiWiFi recently launched its latest touchscreen router, which offers guaranteed and improved connectivity performance. Equipped with network optimisation, the device will always choose the best signal strength to bring the fastest speed and most reliable connectivity for you to use – which means seamless internet connectivity on your devices anytime, anywhere!

Changi Travel eSIM: Quick Connectivity with Just a QR Code
With Travel eSIM, you can now enjoy hassle-free, convenient, and instant travel connectivity! With direct installation to your phone and no mobile apps required, it’s super easy to activate the eSIM and get started.

Changi Travel eSIM is ideal for phones with only one SIM card slot. Plus, no more worries about bill shock from roaming data or cluttering your phone with too many apps. And the best part? You can skip the queue and buy our eSIM online anytime, anywhere. With activation via scanning a QR code, you’ll have instant data and won’t need to collect, carry, charge, or return anything back.

We offer a range of travel data packages to suit your needs, so you can choose one that’s perfect for your trip. So whether you’re off on a quick business trip or a long vacation, Changi Travel eSIM is a pretty great option for quick and easy connectivity!

Overseas Prepaid SIM Card: Universally Accepted with Call Time Included
If you prefer a traditional travel SIM card with specific local country providers, then Changi Recommends’ Overseas SIM Card might just be right up your alley. Straightforward and easy to use, it works well with dual SIM mobile devices. Additionally, you can conveniently purchase the card online to secure it before collecting it at any Changi Recommends counter prior to departure.

You can also set your worries aside about bill shock or roaming charges, as it’s separate from your telco line. Depending on the type of prepaid SIM card, they may include some local call time as well – truly the way to stay connected on the country’s local ground.

TL;DR? Here’s a handy summary of what each of them offers:

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