Saint Lucia is Home to One of the World’s Most Luxurious Resorts

SAINT LUCIA – The world does not lack for luxurious resorts, with each new one being more beautiful and stunning than the last. There’s a particular one however, situated in the Caribbean that has been perennially rated as one of the best in the world, and some say the best resort in the Caribbean.

Like many of the islands in the Caribbean, Saint Lucia is blessed by nature, offering unparalleled and breath-taking natural beauty such as the famed Pitons (think of it as volcanic peaks) and white sandy beaches.


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Enter the Jade Mountain Resort, the baby of architect-owner Nick Troubetzkoy. Known for his philosophy of building that celebrates and harmonises with the Caribbean nature, the Jade Mountain Resort is built like a terraced tabletop and set majestically against the mountainside, providing a sanctuary above the bays of Saint Lucia.

With rates averaging $2,000 per night, it costs a pretty penny even for the crazy rich, so what does this famed resort sanctuary offer that have so many acknowledging its exalted status?

An Ideal Getaway for Couples


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Privacy and exclusivity are the name of the game here, and Jade Mountain promises an otherworldly paradise with a tranquility that provides an escape from the rest of the world. Often styled as a honeymoon destination, the Jade Mountain Resort isn’t for big families looking to have a holiday. This doesn’t just mean families are discouraged, kids under the age of 16 are not allowed.

While it’s truly built for a romantic haven for couples, it’s not for everyone. The resort doesn’t feature elevators, which means exploring the entire hotel requires traversing numerous catwalks and quite a number of stairs. Part of the nature of exclusivity means being cut off from everything else, and Jade Mountain is perfect for young, sporty couples who want some time and space to themselves.

Beautiful Rooms with Stunning Views of Pitons Bay

The rooms at Jade Mountain are aptly called Sanctuaries. A Sanctuary in Jade Mountain Resort is easily five times the typical guest hotel room, featuring a medley of whirlpool tub, a sundeck, and in most rooms, an infinity pool.

Safe to say, the rooms in Jade Mountain are stunning with open air ventilation, so don’t expect any Air Conditioning or TVs for that matter. There is WiFi in the rooms, giving you that last connection to the rest of world.


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Of course, it wouldn’t be all that jaw-dropping if your room didn’t open up to some sort of fabulous scenery. Ingeniously positioned to give you an expansive view of the Pitons, the famed landmark of Saint Lucia, the rooms are conveniently missing the “fourth wall”, showcasing the breath-taking view of the Pitons Bay. Come sunset, it’s truly an amazing sight to behold.


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The view itself, justifies a portion of that hefty price tag, and with views like this, man, who wouldn’t love it.

A New Wave of Eco-tourism

Apart from the downright stunning rooms, Jade Mountain and the Saint Lucia is prime for a new wave of eco-tourism (though I can hardly imagine why you would ever leave the room).

With walking and hiking tours, scuba diving, and bird-watching activities, there are plenty of things that will allow you to immerse yourself in all the Caribbean nature has to offer.

With exceptional service, excellent food, and breath-taking natural scenery, it’s no wonder Jade Mountain Resort has been a hot favourite amongst honeymoon couples. We say carve out a budget and give it a go – you deserve this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Top photo by Daniel Hjalmarsson on Unsplash

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