5 Insta-worthy Airbnbs in Seoul to Enjoy

SEOUL – There are many factors that come into play when searching for the perfect Airbnb. For some, price is primary driving force while others may want to stay in the best locations. Many want a nice comfortable stay out of theiAirbnbs, something that reminds them of home. Sometimes, however, the aesthetics of the place just wins us over and we just want to flex how beautiful our stays are all over social media. 

Well, if you happen to be travelling to Seoul, these 5 Insta-worthy Airbnbs will do just the trick.  

1. The Artist, The Writer, and The Architect 

This Airbnb has 4 signature rooms that have been thoughtfully designed and remodelled by owner and architect ByungYup

Take for example the Artist’s Room, which has traditional Korean paintings adorned on its wall, or the Writer’s Room with a neat little desk (presumably for you for do writing), and big glass windows that which offers more than adequate sunlight to light up the room. 

The rooms speak to the creatives in you and you’ll appreciate the thought that went into designing each of the rooms.  

Image via Airbnb.

This is a two-storey house and there’s a shared common space on the first floor where ByungYup and his family lives. There are extremely welcoming and friendly so don’t hesitate if you need any help around the house or around Seoul.  

When booking a stay with ByungYupdo note that the Architect’s Room and the Artist’s Room can accommodate 2 people while the Writer’s Room and the Designer’s Room have a max occupancy of 1! 

Image via Airbnb.

2. August Hill Hanok

For those wanting to know what it’s like living in a traditional Hanok like in your favourite Korean dramas, you now can at August Hill Hanok. This Hanok is relatively modern, being built in 1923 and was most recently given a remodel in 2018, looking to service the hospitality needs of today.  

Image via Airbnb.

August Hill is outfitted with all the modern amenities you’ll need in your stay from a fully-fitted kitchen, toilet system, and of course, who can forget WiFi for you to post all those #koreandramavibes photos. And trust me, you’ll spend half the time snapping photos with every corner of the house. The host is a professional photographer and there’s a welcome photo for guests as well! 

You’ll be renting the entire place, so if you’re looking for a nice traditional stay big enough for the family, August Hill Hanok may be the Airbnb for you.   

Image via Airbnb.

3. Sajikru Hanok Guesthouse 

You don’t see too many two-storey traditional hanoks around, and this one is a stunner.

The interiors are well appointed, getting that homely feel down pat. But it is the jaw-dropping façade of Sajikru Guesthouse that will have you feeling incredibly excited.

A rather massive two-story traditional hanok with tiled roofs and intricate wood carvings, Sajikru stands out amongst the rest in the neighbourhood. Situated near the Gyeongbok Palace and other famous landmarks, Sajikru boasts a convenient location as well.

Image via Airbnb.

Coming in at over $200 per night, the price tag is slightly on a steeper end, and comparable to most 4 and 5 star hotels in Seoul. But consider that it can house 5 people, with a living room, 2 bathrooms, and 3 bedrooms, and the cost becomes much more manageable, and definitely much more worth it.

Image via Airbnb.

4. NUWA 

You don’t have to stay at NUWA to feel the zen vibes in the air with a calming presence that will soothe any traveller after a long flight or day out. A much smaller place compared to the previous hanoks, NUWA is perfect for a couple that wants a quiet and serene space to themselves, away from the buzzing activity of Seoul.

Image via Airbnb.

NUWA boasts a simple and minimalistic, but elegant design that speaks to the quiet side beauty and art, often found in the smallest in things. There are no bombastic splashes of colour which reflects owner and designer Benny’s mindset towards the arts and design.

Anyone who longs for a simple and quiet life will enjoy all that NUWA has to offer.

Image via Airbnb.

5. Itaewon Sunshine View 

Staying in traditional houses are nice and all but sometimes all we need is just a cool and cosy space that oozes good vibes — and that’s what you get at Ian’s Itaewon Sunshine View Airbnb.

The high white-walled space is filled with wooden accents and potted plants, coupled with the natural sunlight that just beams in, creates a positive and uplifting atmosphere throughout the entire space. There are two floors, both are separate listings but you can book them together, bringing up the total occupancy to 8 guests. Each floor has its own kitchen and bedrooms, so you can opt for just one level should you feel it’s enough.

Image via Airbnb.

The location of this Airbnb adds to its allure, being set in the trendy neighbourhood of Itaewon with shopping, cafes, restaurants, pubs and clubs around. When the sun sets, the night view of the surrounding Itaewon neighbourhood can be pretty magical as well.

Image via Airbnb.

Top image via Airbnb.

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