5 Stunning Beaches to Visit in Your Lifetime

For most of us, a beach holiday always feels like the ultimate escape. Despite the many inconveniences like sunburn, the sea breeze that turns our hair into a frenzy, the loathsome jellyfishes, temperamental waves, we still love the idea of a beach holiday.

I guess the idea of disconnecting ourselves from our daily responsibilities and the internet are more achievable when you’re hanging by the beach. Moreover, it has been scientifically proven that the sound of the waves has a calming effect on our brains, and the guaranteed hit of vitamin D will boost serotonin which improves our mood.

Here are 5 stunning beaches from the wild and unusual to the blissfully peaceful and family-friendly sandy paradise that you should visit someday for a revitalising break.

1. Reynisfjara, Vik’s Black Sand Beach, Iceland

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The gloom, the black sands, the merciless Atlantic waves and the striking basalt columns leading up to the face of the cliffs… this is one of the wildest and most unusual beaches in the world. This epic sight in Iceland is perhaps known as Eastwatch-by-the-Sea by GoT fans! Did we mention it’s at the base of an active volcano? Also, there is a legend surrounding the two basalt sea stacks. It seemed the pair were once Icelandic trolls trying to drag the ships out of the sea but unfortunately turned into stone came daybreak. Doesn’t it all seem straight out of an epic fantasy saga?

This otherworldly beach is definitely not one for swimming – the waves are too dangerous – but it is not necessary anyway. To be able to witness the grandeur of Reynisfjara and step foot on its epic coastline is an adventure you’ll remember for life. If you want to get more out of your trip in Vik, Iceland, we suggest going on a tour around the southern shore.

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2. Koh Kut, Thailand

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For those looking for elusiveness and tranquillity without boatloads of travellers, then Koh Kut should be on your radar. This is a family-friendly beach with little nightlife. With a reputation for being ‘Thailand’s Last Unspoilt Paradise’, you will feel as if you’re on a private island whereby your daily itinerary could probably be exploring the different beaches in sleepy-sounding Koh Kut, lounging on the sunbed, taking a dip in the calming waters, sipping fruity cocktails, enjoying a spa…

However, if you are feeling more adventurous, consider a hike to marvel at some of its spectacular waterfalls and swimming holes. The centre of the island is dotted with plenty of waterfalls. One of the most popular and largest of all the falls is Klong Chao.

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3. Monkey Mia, Western Australia

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A paradise for dolphin lovers! There isn’t any monkey here even though ‘Monkey’ is part of the name. Monkey Mia is a treasured marine reserve, famous for their friendly bottle-nosed dolphins that will swim up to the shore to interact with humans in the day. But please keep in mind that swimming with the dolphins is prohibited by law.

The crystal-clear blue waters of Monkey Mia is also home to a diversity of marine life. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to meet sea turtles! Monkey Mia is a leisure seaside getaway from Perth. You can fly to Monkey Mia airport from Perth in two hours or drive there in a day.

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4. Agonda Beach, India

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I bet most of us wouldn’t think of India as the go-to destination for a beach holiday since India is usually well-known for its river (Ganges River). Consider taking a restful vacation from your vacation in bustling India. Head over to Agonda beach, a quiet tropical beach that is relatively under-the-radar and not overcrowded with tourists. If you’re a laid-back traveller who is not interested in the party scene, this place is for you.

Agonda beach is also touted as a wildlife spotting site. Do you mean sharks? No, we are referring to Olive Ridley turtles. Agonda beach is a nesting site for these endangered creatures, and there is a protection centre that looks after them.

What is a beach vacay without at least a photo of nature’s masterpiece: the sunset? This underrated tropical paradise offers spectacular sunset views. Take a walk along the beach during the evening, and you’ll see why. Perhaps you’ll start scoring #selfies with your new companions— the wandering cows have become a phenomenon— as they have been making their way to the beach to admire the sunset regularly. If you’re planning to swim, be sure to check the weather and sea conditions as there are rock formations which are concealed during high tide.

Image by tusharkumar3 via Instagram.

5. Brandinchi Cove, Sardinia, Italy

Image by gevision /

The next time you’re planning a trip to Italy, do include Sardinia in your itinerary. Located off Italy’s western coast, Sardinia is the second-largest island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, a soothing oasis featuring unspoiled nature and sparkling azure water. It is one of those lesser-explored destinations (often overshadowed by Sicily) and is perfect for visiting all year round. Brandinchi Cove is one of the beaches in Sardinia, and the Italians called it the “Little Tahiti” because of its turquoise blue waters and fine white sand. It is also the perfect option for families with little ones because of the calm, shallow water.

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