Be Part of the iRecommend Club: Your Passport to Memorable Travels

Are you ready to enhance your travel experience like never before? Introducing the iRecommend Club by ChangiWiFi – where exclusive perks and a vibrant community await!

Established in June 2023, iRecommend Club is ChangiWiFi’s latest travel community hub designed for our most loyal patrons. We understand that travel is not just about reaching destinations but also about the experiences along the way. This is why we’ve created this exceptional community to offer you curated incentives and a social platform to share your thoughts.

Member Benefits
As an iRecommend Club member, you will gain access to a suite of exclusive benefits aimed at elevating your travel experiences:

  • Travel Savvy Savings: Unlock monthly exclusive deals on routers for popular destinations and receive cash rebates that turn your travel expenditures into savings.
  • Comprehensive Bundles: Enjoy exclusive bundles comprising cutting-edge routers and complementary products, ensuring they are travel-ready with the latest technology.
  • Your Very Own Travel Community: Connect with fellow globetrotters, share travel tips, and inspire others within the iRecommend Club’s vibrant community.
  • Share Your Opinions: Play a part in helping us improve ChangiWiFi by providing valuable feedback, directly influencing the brand’s future improvements and features.

How to Join the iRecommend Club:
If you’ve rented our routers between 4 to 24 times in the past 12 months, you’re already on the guest list for this exclusive travel club. Keep an eye on your inbox for your exclusive invitation. The membership list will be refreshed biannually in January and July, ensuring a dynamic and evolving community. And the best part? No joining fees!

Connectivity Meets Community
The iRecommend Club builds upon ChangiWiFi’s legacy of customer-centric initiatives. Previous endeavours, such as the SGD15 + SGD5 Cash Rebate Campaign, Loyal Customer Surveys, and the iRecommend Ambassador Sponsorship Program, were all part of the brand’s commitment to enhancing customer experiences. With the iRecommend Club, we have even more exciting initiatives to further enrich our members’ travel experiences:

  • iRecommends Meet-up

Let’s get together for a delightful high-tea session and share travel insights, experiences, and inspiring stories with like-minded folks. More info coming soon.

  • iRecommend Ambassador Sponsorship Program

The iRecommend Ambassador Sponsorship Program is one of our most exciting programmes this year! Collaborate with us to create memorable travel moments, and in return, enjoy waived router fees and the chance to share your journey through creative content. Express your interest by reaching out to us at

  • Sharing Travel Memories

Explore travel memories and milestones shared by our iRecommend Club members and submit your own stories @ChangiRecommends #iRecommendChangiWiFi on Instagram.

Join the iRecommend Club today and open the door to a world of unique privileges, exceptional experiences, and an engaging community that shares your passion for travel. Explore more, connect more, and create memories that last a lifetime with ChangiWiFi. Your journey, our connection! Visit for details.

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