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Look What Bubble Tea Made Us Do
Home Lifestyle Look What Bubble Tea Made Us Do
Home Lifestyle Look What Bubble Tea Made Us Do

Look What Bubble Tea Made Us Do


Bubble tea-flavour snacks, check. Bubble tea-inspired accessories, check. Bubble tea theme park, check.

Looks like the bubble tea craze in Singapore is here to stay.

While we do not have Disneyland here (which is universally acclaimed as the happiest place on earth), we have Southeast Asia’s first multi-sensory The Bubble Tea Factory (TBTF) which is a dream come true for all the bubble tea lovers out there.

Image courtesy of The Bubble Tea Factory

Inspired by Singaporeans’ obsession with bubble tea, the whimsical factory of bubble tea is made up of over 10 interactive installations that are perfect for living out your Instagram dreams and take the social media pictures to prove it.

First Impression

Did I just step into a Katy Perry or Taylor Swift music video?

Like a rainbow with all of the colours! – ME! by Taylor Swift 

Think pastel rainbow colours all over the place and the only missing thing is the unicorn. Everything looks pretty interesting visually and the team behind the experiential pop-up decides to take it up a notch by infusing the space with sweet-smelling aroma. You are now one with the bubble tea.

Oh, wait, there’s Miley Cyrus too!


At certain zones, we reckoned that it feels like a teamLab meets Yayoi Kusama set-up on a smaller scale and the point is: it looks good on the ‘gram.

We have to admit that some of these exhibits made us grin from ear to ear, especially the tarobly cute ball pit. It’s exactly the kind of party pool made for pop stars like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. 

Bubble tea is the new drug. 

This is the most remarkable exhibit. We never thought that we could be sitting in a bathtub filled with green stacks. Although it’s neither real money nor diamonds, it certainly feels like a scene from some pop star’s music video.

If you don’t mind skimping on some margaritas and pizzas, this is the place to live out your Instagram dream at $24.


2 Orchard Link, *Scape, Singapore 237978


19 Oct to 18 Dec 2019

Price: $24 (weekday) and $28 (weekend)


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