Hakone Freepass: Popular Things to Do in Hakone

Hakone is one of Japan’s primary hot spring (onsen) areas that is close to Tokyo. One of few places that retains its rich nature without artificial development. The Hakone Freepass is a discounted ticket offering coverage of all the popular sightseeing destinations in Hakone.

Hakone Freepass includes a round-trip ticket on the Odakyu Line, with unlimited travel on 8 different transportation systems like the buses, trains, cables cars, and cruise within the designated area, and discounts at about 70 sightseeing locations. The validity of this pass comes with a choice of 2 day and 3 days. Enjoy a wonderful trip to Hakone with the convenient and economical Hakone Freepass.

Ticket prices for adults begin at SGD$59+ for 2 days and SGD$64+ for 3 days.

Here’s a guide on how to make the most of your Hakone Freepass!

1. Odawara Castle Donjon (Freepass discounts)

Take the Odakyu line to Odawara Station and from there you will be greeted by the Odawara Castle Donjon! Take a visit to see the history that Japan holds.

This is the closest castle keep to Tokyo! This place is well-known for its park, having plum trees, cherry trees, and azaleas filling its garden. A great photo spot!


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From here, take the Hakone Tozan Bus to the Hakone Yuryo.

2. Hakone Yuryo (Freepass discounts)

At this stop, there is a popular traditionally styled countryside hot spring resort. Many locals and tourist take a day trip out of Tokyo to visit this onsen! A rustic charm to let go of the stresses of daily life and soothe the body and soul.


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There is a free shuttle bus (provided by the onsen) available if you choose to arrive from Hakone-Yumoto station.

After the onsen, take the Hakone Tozan Train to Chokoku No Mori station to visit the Hakone Open-Air Museum!

3. The Hakone Open-Air Museum (Freepass discounts)

Creating a harmonic balance of nature and art, this museum holds statues in the outdoor area with great views of the valley.

Inside showcases abstract art from Picasso and the likes of other artists. A must visit while in Hakone!


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@wafflesailorSymphonic Sculpture by Gabriel Loire (1904-1996, France) / Hakone Open Air Museum♬ Underwater Boy – Virna Lindt

From the open air museum, take the Hakone Tozan Bus Hakone-machi line to the Hakone Sekisho Exhibition Hall!

4. Hakone Sekisho Exhibition Hall (Freepass discounts)

At this hall, you will get to see the an important site in the history of transportation. In the Edo period (1603 to 1868), the Hakone Sekisho was a checkpoint enforcing strict travel regulations on the people of Japan, to control from ‘guns entering and women leaving’. This was one of the most important because its proximity to the capital.

The Hakone Sekisho Museum is where you can learn about the history of the Hakone Checkpoint in detail.


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Near this checkpoint, there is a Mount Fuji Sightseeing Cruise nearby that is already paid for with the Freepass!

5. Hakone Sightseeing Cruise 

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While you are on the cruise, you will get access to some great views of Mount Fuji and the mountains around Hakone!

Once you reach the end of the line, take the Hakone Ropeway for some amazing views of the mountains of Hakone!

6. Owakudani Hakone


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Owakudani is a volcanic valley, where its name literally translates to “Great Boiling Valley”. Created about 3,000 years ago when Hakone Volcano erupted. Today, much of the area is an active volcano zone that created hot springs, hot rivers, and sulphurous fumes.

This place features steaming vents that are a geological wonders that give you a chance to get close to the wonders of nature.

The famous black eggs sold here are cooked in the sulfuric steaming vents and are a popular snack. These eggs can supposedly add 7 years to your life for every one you eat!


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After a visit to the active volcano, continue on the journey and take the Hakone Tozan Cable Car to Gora Park!

7. Hakone Gora Park (free entry from the Freepass)

A French-styled garden built in 1914, Gora Park holds a multitude of flowers, greenhouses, and a giant water feature right in the centre of the park.


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Come here at the end of the day and take a rest from an entire day of exploring and travelling.

Photo taken from Hakone Freepass website
Get your Hakone Freepass here!

Most of the trip’s travel expense was paid using the Freepass! Including the cable car, ropeways, and sightseeing cruise.

Having the Hakone Freepass unlocks a lot of saving potential and will save you from any surprise cost of taking buses, trains, or cable cars.

These seleceted locations are just some of many more locations that offer discounts within Hakone. Add or remove more locations as you like, with trasnport already covered, there is little for you to worry about!

If you’re the type who loves a good deal, this is a must get package.

With many more sightseeing facilities with discounts, click here for the full list of discounted facilities from Freepass.

When you purchase this Freepass, you will receive unlimited travel in the area. Get access to these modes of transport  (some are only in designated areas)

  1. Hakone Tozan Train
  2. Hakone Tozan Cable Car
  3. Hakone Ropeway
  4. Hakone Sightseeing Cruise
  5. Hakone Tozan Bus (designated areas only)
  6. Odakyu Hakone Highway Bus (designated areas only)
  7. Tokai Bus (designated areas only)

8.“KANKO SHISETSU-MEGURI” Bus (Tourist Attraction Sightseeing Bus)



  • Adult fare is applicable to 12 years old and above, child fare is applicable to children from 6 to 11 years old.
  • This pass is valid for 2 or 3 consecutive days.


  • A separate fee is required for the Limited Express Romancecar.
  • If you ride beyond the designated areas, you will have to pay the extra fare.
  • Only one round-trip can be made between your departing station and Odawara Station on the Odakyu Line.
  • You can get off within the specified area for an unlimited number of times.
  • Rides are not valid with the seasonal sightseeing bus.
  • The Odakyu Hakone Express Bus has priority for those who have a reserved seat, and cannot be boarded if it is full.
  • Services may be suspended due to the bad weather conditions. Hakone Freepass holders who could not be boarded due to suspension may obtain a refund for the particular portion at the Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center. Please note, only the particular transportation that have not been boarded in the whole trip will be refunded to you.
  • The Hakone Freepass must be returned at the final station of the trip.
  • Izu Hakone Bus are not included in the Hakone Freepass.
  • Hakone Freepass holders who are departing from Shinjuku can get a discount for the Odakyu Hakone Highway Bus between Shinjuku and Gotemba.



  • If you would like to book tickets for the Limited Express Romancecar, please refer to the official website


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