Airlines with the Best Food in Economy Class Flying Out Of Singapore

Are you a foodie and love to travel where good food lies? These are some of the best airlines with great Economy Class food if you’re flying soon out of Singapore.

Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines has always been known for the warm and sincere Japanese hospitality that they provide guests flying with them. The generosity of the Japanese culture comes across in their food aboard economy class where passengers are given an array of food on their meal tray. Each tray comes with:

  • 3 side dishes of salads, noodles and vegetables.
  • A bottle of water and a choice of drink from tea/coffee, juices and alcoholic beverages.
  • A range of soup on offer.
  • A main meal from a choice of two options on medium haul and long haul routes, one western, one asian.
  • A dessert
  • Open-snack galley concept offering Sky Oasis snacks.

Japan Airlines flies direct flights from Singapore to both Narita International Airport and Haneda Airport in Japan, both hubs of the Oneworld carrier.

Inflight Standard Economy Class Meal onboard Japan Airlines (JAL). Photo Taken From Inflight Feed.

Japan Airlines has also been reputable in the past to collaborate with other Japanese chains in designing their meal options for passengers. For example, in previous iterations of limited time economy class collaborated meals, JAL has partnered with Mos Burger, Kumamon, and Yoshinoya to serve newly inspired and creative offerings. These however are not current collaborations and any future collaborations are unknown at this point in time.

JAL X Yoshinoya Collaborated Economy Class Meal. Photo Taken From Inflight Feed.
Air Mos, A Collaboration Between JAL X Mos Burger for Economy Class Meals. Photo Taken From Inflight Feed.
Kumamon Collaboration with JAL for Economy Class Meals. Photo Taken From Inflight Feed.

JAL flies 14 weekly flights from Singapore Changi Airport to Haneda International Airport, whilst operating 7 weekly flights from Singapore Changi Airport to Narita International Airport for a total of 21 weekly flights.


Emirates Airline, one of the Middle Eastern 3 (ME3) airlines, flies to over 158 destination around the world in 85 countries. Emirates has had a growing presence in Singapore Changi Airport as the airline made Singapore its regional hub for ultra-long haul flights from it’s home hub in Dubai to destinations in the Australian continent. With a fleet of over 150 superjumbo A380’s, flying with emirates in any class always makes it a premium flying experience and the same can be said for the food!

Emirates is one of the more generous airlines when it comes to quantity per serving for each economy class passenger. Each tray comes with:

  • An appetiser
  • A small prepackaged up of water
  • butter and a bread roll/croissant
  • Coffee/tea/alcoholic beverages
  • Creamer cups for coffee/tea
  • 1 choice of Main
  • A sweet treat
  • Pepper/Salt Sachets and napkins
  • Metal Cutlery
  • Cheese and Crackers
  • A milk-chocolate piece
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An Emirates Economy Class Breakfast With An Additional Main Course. Photo Taken From Try_my_best On ShutterStock.

In this instance, this flyer was lucky to even have gotten a second main course breakfast meal. Just look at all of that to indulge in for breakfast! I would say that fare for economy is definitely worth what you pay.

All flights from Singapore to Dubai International Airport, the carrier’s home hub, is considered a long-haul flight and so all flights will provide a full fledged meal service. This is not so commonly seen compared to their European route counter parts.

Emirates currently flies 21 weekly flights from Singapore to their middle eastern hub of Dubai International Airport, whilst also flying 20 weekly flights from Singapore to Melbourne Tullamarine Airport for a total of 41 flights out of Singapore.

Qatar Airways


Their meal presentation where even flying in economy feels premium with their glass side dish cups and elegant aesthetic look. Though maybe not as generous as Emirates may be, their food looks decadent and elegant focusing more on quality rather than quantity. Some might even mistake flying Qatar Airways Economy Class as a Premium Economy Flight on other airlines just based off their in-flight catering alone. Each tray comes with:

  • A bottle of water.
  • Metal cutlery and proper napkin.
  • A starter served in a glass dish.
  • A dessert served in a glass dish.
  • A choice of Main between middle eastern or western commonly.
  • a choice of drink including alcoholic beverages, sodas and juices or plain water.
  • A soft bread roll (bread varies according to route).
An Economy Class Meal Onboard Qatar Airways. Photo Taken From Qatar Airways.
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Apart from the main dish, the pastries and baked goods are filling and served as refreshments at other times during the flight where a meal service is not offered. Though the inflight menu on Qatar is heavily middle eastern inspired, the quality of the ingredients and the final product is in another world of its own. Despite this, they do serve western options on all flights, but why not try a taste of what they are best at?

Qatar Airways flies 21 weekly flights from Singapore Changi International Airport to Doha Hamad International Airport.

Turkish Airlines

Turkish airlines is another that is famous for their onboard food in all classes of travel, but more specifically with their Business Class exlcusive Sky Chef service. It is no doubt that Turkish Airlines emphasizes food that both looks good and tastes exceptional. Regardless of the length of the route, be it short haul, domestic service, or international and longhaul, there will always be sufficient high quality food.

Economy Class and Transatlantic Flight Meals on Turkish Airlines. Photo Taken From Turkish Airlines.

Each economy class tray comes with:

  • A choice of main from western to middle eastern options
  • A cup of still water
  • Napkin and metal cutlery
  • A starter/salad
  • A desert
  • A drink of your choice including alcoholic beverages.
  • Sachet of sugar for tea or coffee
  • A choice of coffee and/or tea.
Economy Class Domestic Meals on Turkish Airlines. Photo Taken From Turkish Airlines.

Even on short haul flights domestically, or internationally, passengers are served a decent sized pastry/sandwich snack with a choice of juice. This is already a leg up compared to other American or European carriers. However take note that alcohol is not served on domestic routes served by Turkish Airlines.

Turkish Airlines flies from Singapore Changi Airport to Istanbul Airport 14 times weekly spread across throughout the week, and another 3 times weekly from Singapore Changi Airport to Melbourne Tullamarine Airport, for a total of 17 times weekly out of Singapore.

Eva Air

Also known reputably as the ‘Hello Kitty‘ airline. Eva Air’s fleet has several Hello Kitty jets which come adorned with Hello Kitty themed decorations, full-bodied livery, seats, merchandise and food. Essentially all things Hello Kitty! The Taiwanese airline has had a flair for creating a family friendly airline with this partnership. If you’re a Hello Kitty fan, this is the airline for you.

Hello Kitty Special Children’s Meal On Board Eva Air. Photo Taken From Inflight Feed.
Hello Kitty Special Children’s Meal On Board Eva Air. Photo Taken From Inflight Feed.

The Hello Kitty themed meals are a partnership of Eva Air X Hello Kitty where colourful bento boxes are designed in cute styles that cater to the aesthetics of children. There are 2 types of meals on the Hello Kitty airplanes, one is specially designed for children, and a second more mature design but still adhering to the theme for the adults. The special children meals have to be preordered before your flight.

As you can see from the adult version below, there are still limited branding of the Hello Kitty brand on the napkins and placemats. Eva Air is definitely the best out there when it comes to sticking to and marketing its partner brand in all aspects of the flight journey for passengers. The rest of the meal is the same as any non-Hello Kitty economy class meal which is more typical of average airline food.

Other than the Hello Kitty meals, Eva Air does provide the option for all classes of travel during breakfast service the option of choosing congee, a staple in Asian culture.

Eva Air economy class meal trays come with:

  • A dessert
  • A choice of western or asian main
  • A Salad
  • A piece of cheese
  • Mini Chocolate Bar
  • Paper Napkin & cutlery
Hello Kitty Themed Meal Tray For Adults. Photo Taken From Inflight Feed.

Eva Air flies from Singapore Changi International Airport to Taipei Taoyuan International Airport 14 times weekly.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines, the national carrier of Singapore also is known for being the World’s Best Airline time and time again. It is also no doubt that in a post covid landscape, the airline has fully restored all cost cutting measures on the service of the airline which includes the food. The airlines is great at serving local favourite dishes in the sky such as Nasi Lemak, Congee, XO Carrot Cake and many more, it gives you a familiar taste of home. The airline also does it’s western food quite well compared to other airlines out of Singapore as the island is a metropolitan city.

Flying long haul internationally with the airline will see you have two or even up to three meal options to choose from during meal services. Flying short-haul routes of above 1.5 hours up to 3.5 hours will see your meal tray include:

  • A choice of main western or asian (local delights)
  • Coffee or tea
  • Juices
  • A dessert
  • Wooden biodegradable cutlery.
  • Bread and Butter (not pictured here)
  • Wet tissue towelette (not pictured here)
Short Haul Economy Class Meal (Nasi Lemak) Of Up To 3.5 Hours On Singapore Airlines. Photo Taken From Singapore Airlines

Flying Medium, Long and Ultra-Long Haul will include these on your meal tray:

  • A choice of western or asian main
  • An appetiser
  • Bread and butter
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Drink of your choice
  • Coffee & tea
  • Ice cream/dessert
  • Metal cutlery and paper napkin.
  • Cup of water
Economy Class Long Haul Meal Tray On Singapore Airlines in 2019. Photo Taken From Inflight Feed.

Singapore Airlines however, has been going through a lot of pressure from netizens to constantly improve their food in all cabin classes but especially Economy and Premium Economy where there has been a general consensus of a lack of innovation and development not matching their branded ‘World Class’ Campaign. Most recently the airline announced major upgrades to their Premium Economy Class food offerings with many new recipes, dishes and it’s presentation for the passenger experience. Here’s to hoping for what is to come in the future.

Do you think there are other airlines that deserve to be on this list? Let us know!

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