Japan: As Seen by Cats. No Seriously, This is a Thing.

Cats are the new travel guides in NHK’s playful series A Cat’s-Eye View of Japan. 

Warning: Cuteness overload! Watching these adorable adventures is bound to make you want to book a ticket to the Japanese countryside and discover a slower pace of life.

Screen captured taken from NHK WORLD – JAPAN website.

If you’re like me, planning a trip to Japan always sparks a flurry of excitement. Wildlife photographer Iwago Mitsuaki takes us on an adorable journey, showcasing the hidden beauty of Japan through the eyes of cats. It’s the perfect blend of travel inspiration and heartwarming feline antics – a must-watch for anyone who loves Japan and cats!


Screen captured taken from NHK WORLD – JAPAN website.

You can watch A Cat’s Eye View of Japan online here. With 46 bite-sized episodes (each around 5 minutes long), it’s packed with adorable cat adventures and Japanese charm. Plus, they are available with subtitles in different languages too.

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