5 Grocery Delivery Concierge Apps To Use in Kuala Lumpur

As Malaysia enters the second half of the 14-day Movement Control Order (MCO), and with another 14-day extension on the way, you’ve come to the forlorn conclusion that your initial batch of groceries likely won’t survive the entire duration of the #lockdown.

Going out to replenish your stock is always an option but at this point of time, it poses a risk which you should avoid, if at all possible. Plus, with the aforementioned extension announcement, the second wave of similar-thinking Malaysians rushing to supermarkets to stockpile on the essentials is looking like its pretty inevitable.

So if you want to skip the queues and the egregious breach of social distancing in supermarkets, you should consider getting your groceries delivered to you, no mess no fuss.

Don’t know which markets offer delivery services?

Look no further than these five grocers, supermarkets, and departmental stores that offer online grocery delivery services in Kuala Lumpur.

1. Fulfilling All Your Japanese Product Needs In Shojikiya’s Online Store

Nothing truly epitomizes an extended period of time living indoor than the humble instant ramen. And let’s face it, you’ll probably have to rely a lot on the convenient bowl of warm springy noodles in the days to come.

In this case, Shojikiya — a homegrown Japanese food specialty store — is your best bet in fortifying your stock of ramen. But aside from instant noodles, the Shojikiya online store also offers customers more than 1,000 imported Japanese food products.

These products range from ready-to-eat confectioneries to snacks to cooking essentials to even ready-made cooking ingredients for the quarantined folks who aren’t proficient in the ways of the kitchen.

Shojikiya has an ongoing promotion where you’ll get 10% off your first online purchase simply by registering an account.

2. Grocery Shopping At Your Fingertips With MyGroser

One major difference that sets MyGroser apart from the rest is the fact that the startup has its own storage facility known as cloud stores (essentially large supermarkets) — in contrast to other delivery services of similar ilk who simply source groceries from existing stores.

What this means for consumers is that there is an abundance of items on hand and available to be delivered on-demand. The best part is that the prices of most of MyGroser’s products aren’t at all that much different from the ones you get in your run-of-the-mill brick-and-mortar grocery stores, though there will be delivery fees (starting from RM8.90) incurred.

For beginner cooks, MyGroser even offers pre-prepped meals (ranging from local flair to Asian cuisine to Western dishes) that are super easy to make. Say goodbye to instant noodles, and say hello to instant satisfaction!

3. The Familiarity Of The Tesco Brand

When all else fails, you’ll find yourself breathing a sigh of relief when Tesco’s online store remains available for all your affordable grocery needs.

If you’ve been to any Tesco, you’ll know that the multinational grocery store line has almost everything under the sun available that you may need for the coming days of isolation.

From affordable electronic brands like Pensonic and Philips to its own line of Everyday Value products, Tesco is indeed the Mecca for all penny-pinching, self-isolating Malaysians out there.

Also, the fact that Tesco is making sure that its delivery workers are in tip-top form when it comes to their hygiene makes this one of the best services out there to use currently. If you prefer to have your groceries left at your front door, simply let them know and they’ll more than happily oblige to minimize contact.

4. The Local Favourite, Mydin

For something with a little more local flair and similarly affordable prices, Mydin is your go-to grocery store for buying items in bulk.

You’ll find plenty of local brands here including Ayam Brand, Maggi, and A1 — which makes for the perfect stock for your quarantine needs. We’d definitely suggest getting your grocery shopping done in one fell swoop if you decide to use Mydin’s delivery service.

Not only will you save in the delivery costs, but Mydin often gives major deals on their bulk items, which may include basic everyday necessities like hand soaps and body washes, as well as frozen and fresh groceries. Furthermore, the local hypermarket chain also carries pet food so you need not worry about what your lovable critters are going to eat.

Mydin currently ships to selected zip-codes within the Puchong, Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya, and Shah Alam area. But if your address isn’t listed, you may head to their official pages on PG Mall or Shopee instead.

5. Staying Fresh With Happy Fresh

This grocery delivery company caters to not only the local shoppers in Malaysia, but also other Southeast Asian countries including Indonesia and Thailand. So you can be sure that you’ll be receiving world-class services when you shop with Happy Fresh.

The online platform provides a catalogue of groceries from various trusted and reliable local neighbourhood stores including Cold Storage, Tesco or Giant. Using the Happy Fresh platform, you don’t have to worry about receiving some bad apples or sub-par produce either, as your groceries will be picked by their specially trained Personal Shopper.

Staying in isolation and quarantine, one certainly must endeavour to enhance their immune system with fresh food. And in this sense, Happy Fresh has some of the freshest stock in store. After all, it’s even in the name.

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